We hate losin’…It’s like worse than winnin’ and we especially hate losing to Jered Freakin’ Weaver. And we really hate staying up past midnight to watch the Rays take a gigantic dump on the field.

So it is only fitting that that with the loss last night, the Tampa Bay Rays Professional Baseball Club ran their all-time record to 683-999. One more for loss number 1,000.

We would really love to insert a poop joke now, but…Jered Weaver? C’mon!



  1. DirtbagFan says:

    I hate to cry about balls and strikes, but Cousins just cost Kaz a win (bottom of the 7th), and maybe cost the Rays a win in the process. I'm glad Joe went out there and got tossed, that ump needed an ear-full!!

  2. kyle says:

    it's definitely nice to see this side of Maddon.

    Prior to this year, I thought he had no fire whatsoever......that's definitely not the case.

    It's great to see him stick up for our boys!


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