We decided to mix things up a little bit today. We have been running our “Shower-Shoe Fungus” feature for a few weeks now, on the first day of every series. One problem with the series is we always have more content than we are willing to type out. You will notice on this site that we prefer to keep the posts short-and-to-the-point. And yet, we found ourselves wanting to make the “Shower-Shoe Fungus” feature longer.

So today, instead of our usual format, we asked David Chalk of Bugs and Cranks to join us in a 30-minute podcast to discuss the usual “Shower-Shoe Fungus” topics and then-some.

The first episode of the “Shower-Shoe Fungus Podcast” is below. At this point we are undecided on whether to continue this feature. Below the podcast is a poll. Let us know your thoughts (HERE is a recent edition of this feature in it’s original incarnation for comparison)…

In this episode of “Shower-Shoe Fungus” we discuss the following topics…

  1. A recap of the White Sox series and whether it is too early to get excited about the playoffs
  2. Impact of recent roster moves
  3. Gabe Gross versus Eric Hinske
  4. Grant Balfour versus Gary Glover
  5. Attendance grumbling in the mainstream media
  6. Drafting need versus talent
  7. Over/Unders

(if we do this feature again, there will be 9 “innings” in which the 8th inning will be a series preview and the 9th inning will be a very quick rundown of several minor points…the series will never be longer than 30 minutes…Also, being as this is the debut episode, and the fact we may or may not have been drunk, it is a little rough around the edges. bite me.)



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