The work done by SCB is just too good to be lost in the “Webtopia”. At this post, they have outlined several instances in which the anti-waterfront stadium group POWW (Protect Our Wallets and Waterfront) has altered images to support their campaign to discredit the Tampa Bay Rays and their proposal.

…in POWW’s image, the stadium is magically taller than in my measured and sourced image. Curious.

They go on to point out other instance in which they altered images to their benefit, as well as several other misrepresentations of “facts”.

We just want to thank SCB for taking the time to show exactly how much of a joke this group is.

POWW! Right in the kisser! [SCB]



  1. Anonymous says:

    That is a great article...very well said.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don't know anything about POWW or anything else but I stand on the season ticket holders line every home game and almost every season ticket holder I talk to says they will not buy another season ticket to an open stadium. Also almost 40% of the people going to the games are seniors and can't take sitting in the heat for 3 hours. If you eliminate them are all you pro guys going to buy A season ticket at 3 time the rate they are now to make up for the lost revenue. I doubt it, it's just talk and a pipe dream to believe "If You Build It They Will Come"

    Anyone think, what if this happened to us?
    Yanks seek another $350M for new stadium

    NEW YORK (AP) -- State lawmakers and fiscal watchdog groups cried foul Thursday over the Yankees' bid for another $350 million in public financing for their new stadium, saying it could soak up funds needed for parks and transportation

  3. Anonymous says:

    That's funny - I've never been polled as I've stood in the season ticket holder line, and a main reason I took the plunge for season tix this year was to get in on priority for good tix at the new stadium if it comes to fruition.

  4. mlmintampa says:

    The second comment is awesome. My 80 year old grandfather thinks those people who cant take sitting in the shade are lame.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if POWW lies or not? This new stadium scheme is a bunch of bs either way. I could care less about POWW but I WILL NOT vote in favor of giving the spoiled rich Rays owners a new stadium at my expense, especially one right on the waterfront. There's already a stadium there you say? That's like trying to convince me to get a whole body tattoo since I already have a little dolphin tattoo on my ankle. But you have a tattoo already, what's the difference.

    Big difference.

    Big N-O from me on this stupid stadium boondoggle.


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