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By now everybody has seen the image on the left (above). We knew there was something familiar about it, and now we know. James Shields threw a pitch at Coco Crisps leg and then when Crisp charged the mound, Shields threw another “pitch” at Crisp’s head. Luckily for Crisp, it was either a change up or his head wasn’t in the strike zone.



  1. DirtbagFan says:

    Muscle memory at its best...

    Shields would've connected if he wouldn't have pulled his head. If you look at the still shot his cross (aka Haymaker) crossed too much because he pulled his head and shoulders... if he'd have stayed squared-up Crisp wouldn't have had the opportunity to duck away... although he (crisp) did react quickly and countered nicely as well (too bad he can't apply that reaction time to his fielding)

  2. stunna says:

    Coco Crisp is a douchebag. I met him years ago before a game when he played for Buffalo (Indians' AAA affiliate) and the guy is a tool. I called him Covelli (his real name) and it pissed him off pretty good, hahaha. He should feel lucky that his face is still intact after yesterday.

  3. Doug says:

    Crisp was an amature boxer. I've heard 17 ko in 17 bouts.

  4. Mark says:

    Stunna, if what you say is true about the name Covelli pissing him off, that's a key weapon to use when Boston comes to St. Pete to get swept soon... I've been trying to think of something to do that wouldn't get me kicked out of the Trop.

    It does make sense. He did legally change his name to forever remind everyone of a box of cereal when his name is spoken, and not as a real baseball player. I wouldn't be proud of either names. His parents really must have hated him.


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