Last year we showed that Elijah Dukes behavior had little to do with playing for his hometown team. Sure enough, this past off-season the Rays traded Dukes to the Nationals and Dukes hasn’t changed.

A week ago Elijah Dukes hit his first home run since May 30th of last year when he was a member of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. And in true Dukes fashion, he had a little trouble keeping his emotions in check, to the point that he managed to piss off the home plate umpire.

Well, things took a turn for the worse for the Mischievous Little Badger on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, Dukes was part of both a stirring Washington comeback and tension that threatened to overshadow it. After doubling and scoring on a Lastings Milledge home run, the two celebrated with an emphatic fist bump. In the dugout, though, the manager and Dukes argued face-to-face. Acta lifted his hands, animated, while Dukes yelled back. When the team lined up in the middle of the diamond for postgame handshakes, Acta walked down the line, hand held high, tapping the hands of his players. But Dukes did not shake his manager’s hand.

Acta claims the bad blood is “over with.”…Good luck with that. Even Washingtonian Michael Wilbon was calling for the Nats to just get rid of Dukes on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption”…

Oh, Elijah. We don’t miss you at all. If Ben Grieve was playing right field and you were hitting .400-25-70 for the Nationals, we still wouldn’t miss you. We only wish the door hit you a little harder in the ass on the way out.

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