Thanks to David Chalk over at Bugs and Cranks we now have video of the slide by Coco Crisp and the subsequent confrontation with Joe Maddon. The best part of this video is the reaction of the ESPN2 announcers…This should add a little spice to the Live Blog-A-Baloo of the week tonight.

VIDEO: Dirty Coco Crisp Aims For Cock [Bugs and Cranks]



  1. Jesus Shuttlesworth says:

    I love that the Rays have serious beef with players on every AL East Team now:

    Yankees: Shelley Duncan/Girardi
    Bosox: Coco Crisp
    Orioles: Aubrey Huff
    Blue Jays: I don't know. Shawn Camp maybe?

  2. DirtbagFan says:

    Who pissed in Coco Crisp's cereal? What an idiot.

    PROF: You should set-up a survey to see if people think Shields will retaliate tonight (or any player for that matter; Yes,I'm talking to you Mr Gomes (The Rays' version of Andre Roy))

  3. kyle says:

    I bet the game starts under a warning tonight, and I doubt maddon will risk an ejection on shields.

    But, I do see Gomes "accidentally" crushing Youk's ankle while running out a grounder, or a Balfour heater in Manny's ribs.........or both.

    it's fully justified.

  4. DirtbagFan says:

    Too bad Jackson's not in the Pen, I'd love to see Crisp's punk-butt try to charge EJ after getting popped in the ribs with a 96 mph fastball.

  5. Mark says:

    Man, Aki's having a tough time at second base this year huh?

    Coco Crisp or Shelley Duncan? Which is public enemy #1? It's so hard to decide because now I want them both to meet my fists so very much.

    The worst part is that Shields can't possibly touch him tonight, because they might automatically eject him for hitting Coco.

    Coco Chanel here, is going to wish he wasn't in center field whenever the Red Sox come to town. I just might have to take a trip down there myself at the end of the month. I have a hankering to sing "Sweet Caroline" just to rub it in because I know the Red Sox are bad on the road, and with our good home record, I'm almost completely certain that it just might be "SWEEP Caroline" by the end of that series.

    This series has made me cross the line to where I hate the Red Sox more than the Yankees. I have Coco Puff to thank for making me see that the Red Sox are no better than the Yankees at all.

    (Okay, now I'll stop ranting...)

  6. Scot says:

    Yankees or Red Sox - which team to hate the most? Yankees have history behind them for which one can hate, while the Red Sox has only recent events. However, as a fan who followed the Bosox for many years, Crisp is not your typical Sox player. Red Sox players where Burleson, Varitek and Nixon have been more typical. I salute the Red Sox for their new administration which is smart - the same reasons I like the Rays. Crisp will be traded, just like Young and Dukes was from the Rays.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Dont worry we hate you to!!!!!!!! It must be hard always being at the bottom!!!! wait until next year when the rays suck again and all you "FANS" are no longer there for your suck team!!!!!


  8. The Professor says:

    you are boring us. go away


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