The Montgomery Biscuits are regularly recognized as having one the coolest mascots in minor league baseball…or the worst.

Well, apparently having “Biscuits” as a mascot doesn’t translate well to an on-field, furry, live-action mascot. Compared to the Biscuits mascot Big Mo, Raymond is Salma Hayek. We aren’t even sure what Big Mo is. Is he a biscuit? Is he an orange elephant? Is he Snuffleupagus? We’ll let you decide…

Clearly if Big Mo is ever promoted to the Big Leagues, he will shoot straight to the top of Maxim’s list of “5 MLB Mascots That Deserve a Groin-Punching”.



  1. Robert Rittner says:

    When we went to Montgomery last year, I got into a conversation with one of the clerks in the souvenir shop, much to my son's amused disgust. Apparently the mascot there is a "biscuit eater". I pointed out that did not make sense as that would be bad for a biscuit (over-thinking, as my son pointed out) and tried to engage the clerk in a mini-symposium on the question. He was courteous and serious minded about it but unwilling (smart fellow) to engage this nut in front of him in such a fruitless discussion.

    Anyway, apparently that's what it is-a biscuit eater-illogical though it may be.

  2. Alan Rittner says:

    "Disgust" is strong. "Embarrassment" maybe.

    It is, admittedly, a very peculiar mascot. But I suppose if you're going to give your team a logo that cries "eat me," you may as well go the extra step.

  3. The Professor says:

    that is an amazing story. it would be like the Eagles having a mascot that was a bird hunter.


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