Word is starting to leak out that the Tampa Bay Rays will select high school shortstop Tim Beckham with the top pick in the draft. It had been thought that the Rays were deciding between Beckham and Florida State catcher Buster Posey.

Many will say that the decision was based on drafting talent over the need for catchers in the organization. However, the decision may have been made based on contract demands

Baseball Prospectus is reporting
that the Rays were leaning towards drafting Posey, but switched to Beckham because of Posey’s demand for a $12 million contract.

Late this evening, multiple sources have indicated as to Buster Posey’s draft-eve asking price, and it’s a doozy at $12 million. Right now, that looks like more than enough to make up the Rays mind, and they’ll likely be taking Tim Beckham unless that number reverses dramatically in the next 12 hours.

Last year, David Price received $8.5 million in guaranteed money and he is a left-handed pitcher with Ace potential. Posey is a catcher that projects to hit 20 home runs in the big leagues. $12 million? Kids these days…smokin’ way to much ganga.

Rays will make Beckham top pick [Rays Report]
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  1. DirtbagFan says:

    I, for one, am glad to see Beckham over Posey, i'll take a 5-tool player with a developing hitting game over an over-inflated, FSU catcher any day- and the audacity to ask for that large of a contract is ridiculous...

  2. Jesus Shuttlesworth says:

    Agreed. I think with the Rays' performance so far this year, they are in a position to stockpile (inexpensive) bargaining chips for future playoff runs.


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