DRG here again with bonus holiday Monday duty. I can be reached here, but expect today’s load to be light.

The Good: Carlos Pena not only his 10th home run in the 3rd inning to give the Rays the lead 2-1, but he also walked 3 times. In the Orioles series Pena was on base 10 times in 13 plate appearances including a double, triple, home run and 5 walks. And the home run was to the opposite field. I’d say he is zeroed in…More great defense (*yawn*). A diving catch in the first by Carl Crawford. James Shields ended the 3rd by picking Brian Roberts off first as he was trying to get into scoring position. In the 5th Aki Iwamura made a great play up the middle for the third out, that probably saved a run…Evan Longoria. In his last 9 games, Dirtbag is 13-37 (.351) with 5 doubles, 3 home runs and 12 RBI.

The Bad: Natty Light.

The Telling: At 30-20, the Rays are tied for the best record in baseball…The Professor is now 3-3 in his series over/unders predictions in the “Pepper” series at the beginning of each series.


  • YouTube video of the day: Best Hockey Fight. EVER. [YouTube]
  • You guys really need to check out the comments left on an old post by a Red Sox fan. Keep in mind that this post was written last August. The guy/gal is so offended by the Prof making fun of the Red Sox that he left not one…not two…but THREE comments in a 4 minute span. And I can’t really tell, but he/she is either trying to say that there are NO Red Sox bandwagon fans (“I know a lot of girls who are actually real Sox fans who wear the pink hats, and the players actually do wear green on St. Paddy’s day down in Florida for spring training”) or he/she is trying to justify the fact that the Sox do have bandwagon fans (“the Yankees have just as many if not more bandwagon fans than the Sox”). I am not sure. And this was how this Red Sox fan decided he needed to spend his Sunday night. [Rays Index]
  • The AL East Blog says that Saturday night’s performance should solidify Evan Longoria as the favorite for the AL Rookie of the Year. [The AL East Blog]
  • Lou Piniella says that fans on the east side of Tampa Bay have no excuse for not attending games at the Trop, and that he is looking forward to his return with the Cubs in June. No word yet, if Piniella will dye his hair blonde for the occasion. [St. Pete Times]
  • Josh Hamilton will play his first major league game in the Trop tonight. How is he doing? Oh, just contending for the AL Triple Crown and leading candidate for the AL MVP. But hey, the Rays have Eric Hinske in right field, so all’s good. [St. Pete Times]
  • The Rays have 4 errors in the last 30 games, the best stretch in baseball since 2003. [St. Pete Times]

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    how pissed would be ab out hamilton if we werent the best team in baseball?


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