THE GOOD: Another running grab by Carl Crawford in left. This is why he will win a gold glove despite having one of the worst outfield arms…Jonny Gomes home run was very Jose Canseco-esque. A LOT of Canseco’s home runs were all muscle. A lot of times he would get a decent fastball on the inside part of the plate, a pitch that would jam a lot of batters and Canseco would just muscle it over the wall without even getting his arms extended. That’s what Gomes’ home run reminded us of. Was not a typical sweet home run swing…The backhand stab and hard throw by Jason Bartlett in 5th for 2nd out. Came in on the ball and showed a strong arm to just get runner…Matt Garza battled back for a huge strikeout to end the 5th. After walking Brian Roberts with 2 outs, fell behind Melvin Mora 3-0 before battling back to make count full. Mora fouled one 3-2 pitch off, and then Garza got him swinging on a slider off the plate after 6 straight fastballs. That at bat saved the game for the Rays.

THE BAD: Aknori Iwamura looks awful. He is just flailing and hoping at this point…Anytime Aubrey Friggin’ Huff gets a hit and then Matt Garza giving up 2-out runs on the 2-run home run. Those are daggers…BJ Upton’s shoulder injury is not serious but it scares us a little. That is the second time he has done that with the Rays and apparently it has happened several other times in his past. There is something about the swing (maybe the follow-through) that is causing this to happen. And while it has yet to be serious, it seems to us that it is only a matter of time…The token blonde “sideline reporter” for MASN was reporting from Boog’s BBQ, named after former Oriole Boog Powell. Well, let’s just say the token blonde needs to work on her annunciation of “Boog’s” or at least she should refrain from using the opening line “Everybody loves Boog’s”. And lest you think it is just where my mind was, even Mrs. Professor peaked up from her Shape Magazine when she heard it and asked “Did she just say ‘Everybody loves boobs’?”

THE TELLING: Rays third straight series win. Just keep winning series…Dan Wheeler had another 2 inning stint (28 pitches). Probably will not be available tonight…Jason Bartlett is not the fastest guy in the world but he is a very good baseruner. He is 4-5 in steals this season and 42-51 in his career…Kevin Millar looks like an idiot with that eye black/Ultimate Warrior face paint…The Rays are all alone in first place, percentage points ahead of the Sawx.


  • BJ Upton will be out of the lineup tonight, but could be back Saturday. [Rays Report]
  • Everybody is writing about the Tampa Bay Rays and for once they are not cracking jokes. First up a feature story in the Boston Herald. [Boston Herald]
  • And another one in the New York Times, with the title “Young Rays Give Yanks a Model to Envy”. Burried near the bottom of the article is a note about some t-shirts some of the players are wearing in the clubhouse that alludes to a belief that the Rays are thinking playoffs. [New York Times]

Before the season, Maddon gave the players blue T-shirts with “9=8” in yellow on the back. Although Maddon would not reveal the message’s meaning, Longoria offered hints. Longoria said there were various components to the message, but, in part, the nine refers to playing hard for nine innings and the eight to the number of playoff berths.

  • Troy Percival says the winning is being handled well by the younger Rays. [Tampa Tribune]

“The guys are handling this with a lot of composure, because we know it’s early,” said Percival…”We know we’ll probably hit a slide here and there. As long as we just keep playing consistently and playing hard, I think the guys’ attitude is going to help us out.”

  • The Sporting News suggests that Troy Percival is responsible for the winning attitude in the clubhouse. [The Sporting News]
  • Bill Chastain writes about Jonny Gomes who is making a case to play everyday. [MLB]


  1. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    the very good: being 3 games ahead of the Yanks after they got swept by the Tigers. Good will also be going to games at the Trop against the Yanks with them looking up at the Rays in the standings.

  2. Jesse says:

    I thought the article from the New York Times was excellent! Im glad to see people are noticing the rays!!What is your opinion on Bossman Junior and Kid K, do you think there is any way we will sign B.J.? This might sound silly but IMO I think he is a MUST have for the rays. I think we should try and get him long term before Kaz....

  3. The Professor says:

    Upton and Kazmir are interesting dilemmas. They are both going to be expensive.

    but i think you are correct. i think they would prefer to sign Upton and may be more willing to trade kazmir.

    but there is some sentiment that Upton wants to be a free agent and will just play out the arbitration seasons.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey professor can we get you to admit you were wrong about joe maddon selling low goals and should be preaching playoffs. Its pretty obvious what he is preaching to these guys and it looks like he has them believing.

  5. The Professor says:

    how was I wrong. It sounds like he is now doing exactly what I said he should be doing all along.

    he was the one that said .500 was a "reasonable goal" for this season. All I did was say that .500 was not a reasonable goal.

    do you still think .500 is a "reasonable goal"?

  6. Ski says:

    mmmmmmmmmm, boogs bbq.......

  7. Andrew says:

    The MASN blonde is Amber Theoharis, and everyone here in Baltimore likes her Boog's. She once worked the sidelines in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit.

  8. Joe DiMaio says:

    There's absolutely no reason that these Rays can't play better than .500 ball. They've got a sound offense, a better than average rotation with Kazmir, serviceable middle relief/set up and Percival and eventually Reyes at the back of the bullpen. It's all good.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He said .500 was a reasonable goal to the media, what he has been saying to the team appears to be different, maybe you werent wrong but I think you were too quick to rush to judgement.

  10. The Professor says:

    lets take a hypothetical...

    lets say Bobby McBobbyerson is 12 years old.

    At home Bobby's parent tell Bobby he can be anything he wants. Achieve anything. They tell him they believe in him and how great he is and the potential he has. In fact they tell him the he is going to get into Harvard with just a little hard work.

    But then later on, Mr. and Mrs. McBobbyerson went to the Parent-Teachers night at the high school and told all the teachers that they shouldn't be so hard on Little Bobby because they are just hoping he is a C-Student this year. And that it is a "reasonable goal" for Bobby to get Cs. Later on, the teachers tell Bobby what his parents said.

    Do you think Bobby is still going to believe that he has a chance to get into Harvard?

    If Maddon really thought the team had a shot at the playoffs...why say something different to the media unless a little bit of you had doubts?

  11. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    let's get this straight. so you admit to being *wrong* about accusing Prof of being wrong? Classicly friggin awesome!

  12. Anonymous says:

    you forget to mention Bobby mcbobyerson, has failed every grade miserably all the way from ager 2-12(10 years). but in this school he continues on to the next grade. If the parents wnet to the teacher and said well we think C average isa resonable goal. Do you think "well our goal is for him to go from worst student in the school, to honor student" a resonable goal, I think the faculty would laugh the parent out the door and say slow down, bobby has potential but he has never shown to be more than the worst student in school let get him to averagefirst see where we go from there.
    And the Mr And Mrs Mcbobyerson than go home and Tell little bobby, look C average isa reasonable goal but you know your better than that and I know your better than that and if you start believing in yourself and work hard than you should get an A average, and if you keep that up u can make it to in any college. And even made hima little Tshirt to motivate him to work hard. Welllittle booby still has that shot at harvard.

    and btw Devil ray Guerva no one said professor was wrong, I inquired to see if he believed he was wrong. we havea little saying where I come from , its called show some class.

  13. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    1st post: "hey professor can we get you to admit you were wrong about joe maddon"

    2nd post: "maybe you werent wrong"

    3rd post: "no one said professor was wrong"

    to say "can we get you to admit" means you think he was.

    so how about it? is it classy of me to now ask if we can get you to admit that you were wrong?

    and your little addendum to the hypothetical is moronic. If Papa Joe was worried about being laughed at or not being taken seriously, then he should have just kept his mouth shut. what he does when says one thing and apparently does something else, is lose credibility.

  14. Anonymous says:

    let me tell you something guerva, I come to this site everyday, I read and I respectfully asked a question, and you want to insult a reader because he asked if he thoughtthe professor was wrong and then use words like moronic, man you gota lot to learn guy. Professor respectfully answered and I respectufully answered back, its calleda discussion, no one asked for your sarcastic comments or your insults, dont butt in and stop proving your boy bessinger right.

  15. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    maybe Prof will defer to your delicate sensibilities. but i wont.

    i just find it amazing that somebody would have the balls to come on here and ask somebody to admit they are wrong and then not be big enough to do it themselves.

    we have a word for that. HYPOCRISY

  16. Michael Connell says:


    it wasn't bissinger that couldnt tell the difference between a post and a comment. it was Costas. And now apparently it is you too.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Look guy, im trying hard not use insults here, but Show some intelligence. I obviousily am long time reader, I brought upa subject from months ago, to see whther he still agreed with the opinion the article conveyed. If you dont like the manner in which I asked, I really could care less, it was for Cork to answer.

    "i just find it amazing that somebody would have the balls to come on here and ask somebody to admit they are wrong and then not be big enough to do it themselves."

    Do you see where I was getting at when I said " show some class".

    Come on guy, this isnt recess and I didnt just call your friend a doody head. This is a fan site in which other Rays fan DISCUSS the information on the site. saying someone is wrong is a matter of point of view not an insult, and this discussion is to better undersatnd eachother point of view, not insult the readers.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Devil ray Diva writes for the site, although not a post he represents the blog.


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