THE GOOD: The Red Sox lostThe Yankees lostThe Orioles lost…So the only team that the Rays lost ground to last yesterday was the Jays. Oh and the O’s are now in their rightful place, last place…

THE BAD: Shaun Marcum faced the minimum through the first 6.2 innings. The only hit prior to the 9th inning was a double single by Dioner Navarro in which he was promptly thrown out at second base because people that chubby should only sprint 90 feet at a time….For the second game this series, the Rays struck out at least 10 times, led by the Sombrero-loving Carlos Pena. Three nights ago it was a regular sombrero with 3 Ks in 4 at bats, Two nights ago it was the golden sombrero with 4 Ks in 4 at bats. And last night it was a regular sombrero again with 3 Ks in 4 at bats…We are still trying to figure out how Vernon Wells caught up to and actually caught Aki Iwamura’s long drive to center in the 7th…We know it was only 1 run in 6.2 innings, but we are not giving Matt Garza credit for a ‘good’. We can’t quite figure it out, but he either walks too many or strikes out too few. Maybe both?

THE TELLING: We like to call this a “tip your cap” game. When the baseball gods gathered yesterday morning and reviewed yesterday’s matchups they declared that the Jays would win. At that point there was just nothing that the Rays could do. It was predetermined. For you Maddon players out there, it is like when you are rolling through a season and your Bucs squad sits 10-0 and all of the sudden the computer opponent goes into “49ers Dynasty Mode” in which it can do nothing wrong and you can do nothing right. Your undefeated team is guaranteed to fumble at least two kickoff returns that will both be returned for touchdowns, and no matter how many of your “sure-thing” plays you run, nothing goes right. Sometimes, when the gods speak, it is not in your favor.


  • Our apologies for the lack of Live Blog-A-Baloos. They will return with full-force next week. Not sure what day yet. Any suggestions? And next week’s will be held here.
  • Joe Maddon and Carlos Pena had a closed-door meeting that lasted for 20 minutes following last night’s game. During the meeting, which was heated at times, Maddon threatened to bench the slugger if he didn’t pull his head out of his ass…Oh, who are we kidding. This is Papa Joe we are talking about. They hugged it out and Papa Joe sang El Gato sweet nothings, and told him some tales of lollipops and daffodils. [Rays Report]
  • More injury updates from Marc Lancaster: Ben Zobrist had his first rehab start for Vero Beach. He DH’d and went 1-3…Cliff Floyd played in another extended spring game as a DH and should rejoin the team within a week…Willy Aybar also played DH in the same game but is still a ways off. Which begs the question: Why is he playing in an extended spring game, if his hamstring is no where near ready to come back? Is there more to his injury?…Al Reyes and Gary Glover played catch (we assume Reyes played the role of ‘Dad’). Reyes has a bullpen session scheduled for today, while Glover will do the same on Saturday…Scott Kazmir had “spectacular” command in his bullpen session yesterday. [Rays Report]
  • Bugs & Cranks wonders if Joe Maddon was trying to bait the Jays fans with his comments of their booing of Eric S#!tske. [Bugs & Cranks]
  • And Drunk Jays Fans, proprietor of the aforementioned nickname, S#!tske, are a little perturbed that there is a chance that Eric Hinske does not know why he is being booed in Toronto…For the record, we understand. But we also love that the Toronto fans are fanning the fire that is Eric S#!tske, because right now? Hinske is The S#!tske. [Drunk Jays Fans]
  • The Strike Zone sees Andy Sonnanstine as a strong candidate to win 20 games. [The Strike Zone]
  • Jays fans didn’t take losing to Andy Sonnanstine too well. [primoz forever]
  • One blog takes a shot at the upcoming auction at the Trop for “extraordinary baseball experiences”…We gotta admit, they are pretty ridiculous. Also, the name of the website It Is High, It Is Far, It Is…caught is pure awesome. For those not familiar, it is a reference to John Sterling, Yankees broadcaster/blowhard and his home run call, which he uses for anything approaching the outfield wall. And it doesn’t matter if the home run was actually a line drive that just cleared the fence. He will still use the same idiotic call…P.S. The slogan for the website is “The road to the New York Yankees’ 27th World Championship”. Might as well have made that the name of the site, because the “road” is going on 8 years and it does not look like the number is changing anytime soon. [It Is High, It Is Far, It is…caught]

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  1. DirtbagFan says:

    What a turnaround... Last year we could match most teams run for run, but couldn't keep up once someone (anyone) from the bullpen (aka "Laugh Staff") walked onto the field.

    This year (all of a sudden) we can't put men on base, and the pen is one of the best in the country... heaven forbid the Rays find a nice even keel.

    The entire top of the lineup looks like a minor league squad at the plate... and my boy Dirtbag is so predictable that even Shawn Camp (or insert your own least favorite former Rays pitcher) could catch him fanning at anything high and inside...

    In my humble opinion, tonight's game is paramount to showing that they aren't going to let the wheels fall off...again. (I guess as a Rays fan you're always waiting for that inevitable dropoff.) These are the types of series that a playoff-caliber team has to come out of with a win, especially after blowing the BoSox series.

    And, as Bartlett's biggest critic; I have to admit that his play has been much better as of late.


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