With yesterday’s off-day, we wanted to take a moment and promote our campaign to get CARL CRAWFORD (and Dioner Navarro) ELECTED TO START THE ALL-STAR GAME.

As Rays fans we don’t necessarily need to generate all the votes necessary, but if we can get Crawford on a roll, when the first results are released to the public, other fans will see he is close and they will start voting for him.

And while Dioner Navarro is also deserving, remember, the All-Star starting lineup is a popularity contest as much as it is a reflection of who deserves to be there. CC is already a household name among baseball fans and has a better shot at getting elected. That being said, make ure you vote for Navi also.

  • VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN: You can use this link to vote up to 25 times online. Once you have reached your limit, switch email addresses. If you run out of email addresses, make one up. If that doesn’t work make your co-workers vote. Make your spouse/children vote. There is no reason for any Rays fan to NOT vote several hundred times.
  • DO NOT VOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS: Vlad Guerrero, Maglio Ordonez, Ichiro, Gary Sheffield, Grady Sizemore or ANY YANKEES OR RED SOX outfielders. These are the players that Crawford is most likely going to be battling for a starting outfield spot. We don’t care who else you vote for. Fill it out with deserving players or click the circle next to all the Rays or leave ’em blank. And remember, outfielders are grouped together. There is no distinction between left fielders and center/right fielders.
  • VOTE EVERY DAY: We will remind you and provide the link every morning in the “Webtopia” section of “The Hangover”. Each day you should go back and vote another 20-25 times.


  • Don’t forget to VOTE for Carl Crawford to start the all-star game. If you haven’t voted yet today, go NOW! [MLB All-Star Voting]
  • Here is roundup of what is being said about the Orioles in the national media. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Joe Maddon likes himself some meat and appears to be just the perfect person to try and stuff “two pounds of bologna in a one-pound bad”. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • USA Today takes a look at today’s managers and sees that major league experience is not a prerequisite for the job. Joe Maddon did not get past A-ball in his playing days. [USA Today]
  • Baseball Mastermind would like to see more hype in the baseball draft. They also think the Rays would be crazy to draft Pedro Alvarez since they now have Evan Longoria signed long-term at third base…If the Rays draft Alvarez, they almost certainly will move him to first base, where the Rays will have an opening near the end of the ’09 or beginning of the ’10 season, which is exactly when Alavarez will likely be ready for the big leagues. [Baseball Mastermind]
  • Big League Stew lists Scott Kazmir as one of the five hottest players in baseball. [Big League Stew]
  • UniWatch is reporting that the Rays will wear St. Pete Pelicans throwback uniforms on June 21st. Here is a sketch of what those will look like. [UniWatch]
  • AL MVP? Josh Hamilton, who is averaging more than a RBI per game. AL Rookie of the Year? Not Evan Longoria. Yet. [Baseball Happenings]
  • Yes. Josh Hamilton has 53 RBI in 49 games and the Rays don’t have an everyday right fielder…Just Sayin’. [Baseball Musings]
  • MLB Trade Rumors indicates that several recent stories suggest that a number of younger players and veteran agents are not happy about the recent trend of young players surrendering their first free agency years in long-term deals…Although BJ Upton is not mentioned, there have been reports in the past that suggest that Upton could fall into this group. [MLB Trade Rumors]

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  1. Clayton says:

    How can BJ be on the same team as Rocco and not appreciate the value of these long-term deals? I guess he's still young and feeling bulletproof, but you'd think these recent shoulder issues would have him thinking...


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