We know for a fact that many Mets fans have been dreaming of the 2011 season which would have been Scott Kazmir’s first year of free agency. Many Mets fans had been counting the seasons until their favored son could return to the organization and lead them to the promised land*.

After the Rays were able to secure Kid K to a 4-year extension yesterday, that time has been pushed back to at least 2013.

As a consolation prize, we hope you will be willing to accept the above gift as a token of our appreciation.

Sorry Mets fans. Hope you are enjoying Victor Zambrano.

* finishing ahead of the Phillies and the Braves in the same season



  1. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    we laugh cuz it's funny.
    we laugh cuz it's true.

  2. littlematt says:

    PRICELESS! i live in NYC and have been wanting to order one of those forever. but the MLB shop wont let you. CLASSIC!

  3. Dan says:

    I hate you.

  4. The Professor says:

    no you don't. take it back.

  5. Anonymous says:

    clearly Kazmir will have to get a new number considering 19 is already taken by Ryan Church.

  6. spagnoli says:

    not sure how. but i will blame Willie Randolph

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kazmir's arm WILL break down before the end of that contract. guaranteed

  8. Sean G says:

    anon, you obviously have the Rays mistaken for the Reds. Joe Maddon manages the Rays. Not Dusty Baker.

    Your better argument is that Kazmir will never see a 7th inning. Maddon is way too careful to ever let Kazmir throw out his arm

  9. Anonymous says:

    best thing i have seen all week. and i saw megan fox naked.

    sorry. did i say that out loud?

  10. Michael Connell says:

    maybe. but dont forget all the championships that the Mets have won because of this trade. keep in mind that the Mets dont get Minaya if not for this trade.

  11. Hazleton Jason says:

    Michael Connell... exactly what championships are you referig to, friend? You mean blowing the NL East last season, or blowing the NL Pennant the year before...

  12. crankycon says:

    That is pretty funny. Then again, I'll take the guy wearing number 57 over ole 19 any day.

  13. Anonymous says:

    A Rays site got a big link? Amazing.

  14. The Ghost of Ron Santo says:

    this is so cruel and yet so funny

  15. Andrew Vazzano says:


  16. How do you spell retard? says:

    HA! Phuckin Mets fans.
    Phillies 1.5 games ahead of the Mets.

  17. Michael Connell says:


    sorry. was being sarcastic. Mets fans have been trying to spin the Kazmir trade in recent years by saying that was the "straw that broke the camel's back" and forced the team to bring in Minaya. Of course i havent really heard much of that talk since the Mets blew that lead last season

  18. william says:


  19. Umm.... says:



  20. Michael Connell says:

    sure. i can see how Johan is better than having Johan AND Kazmir. Because obviously the Mets are just running away with the East this season with the rest of the team just being carried on the back of Johan

  21. Get over it says:

    Wow a bad trade was made. And the rays happen to be doing well....finally.

    Congrats, all 5 of you fans can now talk.

    Shut up.

  22. Anonymous says:

    wow. "get over it" has obviously not "gotten over it"

  23. Chris says:

    Hey how about this, go to hell. I met Kazmir, he's a prick anyway. I wouldn't want him on our team although I do think we should have gotten more for him.

    Good luck his arm doesnt fall off by then. Maybe we'll give him spring training invite or something.

  24. Michael Connell says:

    yeah. it sounds like Chris has gotten over it


  25. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Mets don't have Kazmir, and along with that, the fear his arm breaking down, which WILL happen. While Kazmir pulls a Prior, we'll have Pelfrey going Cy many times.


  26. The Professor says:

    I love how all Mets fans assume that Kazmir is going to throw his arm out. He has never suffered a serious injury. He has a very easy and repeatable delivery, which is the key to avoiding serious arm troubles.

    Kazmir has 113 starts in 3+ seasons. Mark Prior has 106 starts in the last 6.5 years.

    I think Kid K has already proved that he is more durable than Prior. just a little.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Reason why he'll blow his arm was because he had issues while in the Mets farm. That was actually one of the reasons (or excuses)why the Mets got rid of him. Sure, it sucks the Mets don't have him. But its a great possibility that his arm will fall off if he continues to throw that many fastballs.

  28. The Professor says:

    and Al Leiter and Co. had nothing to do with his being traded? The superior and easily-offended Leiter and Franco?

    and if it was about arm issues, just goes to show you what the Mets management knew at the time as they traded for a guy that proceeded to throw out his arm and yet Kazmir has not.


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