The Rays Confidence Graph will appear every Wednesday and is a look at how much confidence Rays fans have in the Tampa Bay Rays. The graph is designed to give us a look at how our emotional bias as Rays fans fluctuates through time. The “confidence” in the team is an inexact measure of how fans feel about the team’s current strength as well as how much confidence fans have in the franchise for the next 3-4 years. Notes on this weeks agida-level can be found after the graph..

Notes on the RI Confidence Graph…

  • The most common response for “Confidence in 2008 Rays” was 8 (They will be in playoff contention all season) with 46.5%.
  • The most common response for “Confidence in future of franchise” was 10 with 49.1%.
  • 97.3% of respondents feel the Rays have a shot at the playoffs in 2008. That number is up from 95.2% a week ago.
  • 100% of respondents feel the Rays should be at least a .500 team in 2008. Last week that number was 100%.

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  1. DirtbagFan says:

    Very optimistic fans... i like it!

    I personally still voted a 7 for this year and 9 for the future, believing that the bull-pen will start to crack at some point (almost prophetic in light of Percy's injury today), coupled with the fact that Sonny has come crashing back down to earth and Jackson isn't far behind (if his past is any indication).

    The Rays have way more than enough talent to make a playof run, but lack the experience (or possibly the energy) to continue playing this well throughout a long grueling season... you have to figure that historically the Devil Rays' season was usually all but over at this point in the year, so they never had to play with much intensity down the stretch like the Rays will have to do this year if they want to be contenders.

    Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that they will be hanging around all year, I just think that peoples' expectations are getting a little too lofty at this point.

    P.S. - Hinske CANNOT play RF anymore! why? Cuz I said so, that's why!!!


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