It’s Tuesday so it is time to update the Tampa Bay Rays Power Rankings. These rankings are a combination of overall importance to the team and a general “who’s hot and who’s not”, mixed with how we currently feel about and perceive each member of the team. It is by far, the least scientific thing we do on this site…



  1. Kyle says:

    man.....i am not at all in favor of losing Hinske (or Gross for that matter), in favor of Aybar.......

    Can't we just option Zobi back if DFA'ing Glover for Aybar is not an option? Wasn't Aybar brought up as a SS with the Dodgers?

    Or at the very least spell Bartlett with Longo, and Aybar plays 3B? That could definitely work once every 2-3 weeks.

  2. The Professor says:

    aybar was a 3B in the minors. i think i recall reading that he played 1 game at short in the minors but everything else was 3B or 2B.

    believe me, nobody is excited about this proposition but this is the territory of a good team. it is a good problem to have to have too many good players. better than the alternative.

    i actually think that Longoria could make a very decent shortstop if needed, but i dont think maddon wants to use a starter as a backup to another position. for example. Alex Rodriguez doesn't ever play short when Jeter is injured.

  3. kyle says:

    yeah, but that might be more because Arod can't reach his ankles anymore....jk (sort of).

    None of Hinske/Gross/Aybar would clear's just a shame if we don't get anything in return.

    But you're's a good problem to have.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i dont think it needs to be Aybar or Hinske. Keep them both.

    Maddon has been talking about resting the regulars lately, and it wouldnt hurt to have another man on the bench.

    I say add Aybar and drop Glover. He really serves no purpose. Yes, you would be left with a 6 man pen, but i dont think its a problem, especially with Howell and Hammell who can eat up innings if needed. And a 7 man pen isnt etched in stone as far as the roster goes, they used to use 6 back in the day.

  5. The Professor says:

    it is not out of the realm of possibility. Maddon is as old-school as you get when it comes to how players should be used. BUT...the Rays are in the middle of a stretch of 20 games in 21 days. not the time, to have FEWER relievers.

    and you also have to have 100% confidence that your starters will give you 6 innings EVERY night. The first time a pitcher gets knocked out in the 3rd inning, the bullpen is shot for a few days and that is with a 7-man pen


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