We laid out our complaint this morning about the idiotic idea to wear the Batting Practice jerseys during yesterday’s game, but here is the visual evidence to show just how atrocious this idea was.

Here we get a nice view of Edwin Jackson’s pit-stain…

Here we can see how the white stripe underneath the pit-stain, clashes with the blue piping on the side of the pant-leg…

And of course, the most atrocious atrocity of this amateur mishmash is the coloring. It is not even the same blue that is found on the caps…

And for the record. This not the first time that a major league team has worn the new Spring Training/Batting Practice jerseys in the regular season. We know the the Rangers and the D-Backs did it last year and we are pretty sure the Mariners have in the past also. That does not make it OK for the Rays. It was stupid before. It was stupid yesterday and it will be stupid in the future.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the batting practice jersey best of the 3 new jersey's, but I agree that it was dumb to wear in a regular season game, I hope in the future they add a dark blue jersey (like we used to have an Alt Green jersey) but it needs to match the hat color. I do like the white #'s and names on the dark blue...

  2. BlueWorkhorse says:

    The Braves have decided to do this as well, and they broke it out on national television against the Nationals in the "Opening Night" game (first game of the season to be played in America, the day before the actual Opening Day), and I HATE it!!

    I literally was yelling at the TV when I saw it. Your team is being showcased on national TV as the first game of the season and you wear the same damn uniform as you did during Spring Training?

    I don't mind teams having an alternate jersey (as the Braves Sunday home red jerseys or the Rays former green jerseys), but they should not be the same as the Spring Training/batting practice jerseys, and they should be used sparingly and with care.


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