[Update 2:14 PM] (See Comments) Either the Tampa Tribune or the Rays can’t decide what is wrong with Niemann. On April 28, Marc Lancaster reported that Niemann had “Minor soreness in his upper back”. In the link below, Lancaster says Niemann has “arm soreness”.

[Update 12:56 PM] (See Comments: Thanks Kevin!) Not sure how we missed it. Niemann is apparently having back problems. [HERE is the link: The part on Niemann is buried below a fluff piece. He was scheduled to start last night, but did not. So the extent of the injury is still unknown]

Jeff Niemann
was demoted to AAA Durham on April 20. He has yet to make an appearance for the Bulls since his demotion. His last start was with the Tampa Bay Rays on April 18. That is a span of sixteen days.

Is Jeff Niemann injured?

Is Jeff Niemann refusing to report to Durham?



  1. Kevin Gengler says:

    Lancaster mentioned the other day that he had some back soreness or tightness. He was supposed to start yesterday but didn't.

  2. Kevin Gengler says:

    Oh yeah, Lancaster said he threw a bullpen session in that time, too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is the from Tampa Tribune on April 21st (doesn't sound like a guy upset about being demoted:

    As for Niemann, there's a good chance he'll return at some point this year. He had one fantastic start for the Rays and one bad one, returning to Durham with a 1-1 record and 5.79 ERA. He knew his first stint in the majors probably would be short, but he has no doubt he benefited from his week with the Rays.
    "I'm going to take away a wealth of information from these seven days I've been up here and go back and really put that to use," said Niemann. "Anyone can tell you, 'You can do it' or 'You need to do this,' but once you get up here and you see it firsthand and you do it firsthand, then you really believe in yourself and that's when you really start trusting yourself and good things start happening."

    From the Tribune on April 28:
    ON THE MEND: Minor soreness in his upper back has kept RHP Jeff Niemann from making a start for Durham since being optioned down a week ago today. He has thrown a bullpen session in Durham with no problems and is expected to start this week, possibly Thursday.

    From the Tribune on May 1st:
    NOTEWORTHY: RHP Jeff Niemann, who hasn't pitched since being demoted to Triple-A Durham on April 21 because of arm soreness, threw a bullpen session Wednesday and is scheduled to start for the Bulls on Saturday.

    -I couldn't really find anything regarding why he didn't start last night as scheduled. I guess they're taking it easy with him as they have with Kazmir and others though, or maybe his shoulder/back really is hurting more than they're letting on.


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