Pawtucket 3, Durham 2. After scoring 2 in the 6th, the Bulls’ last 10 batters went down in order…Mike Prochaska started and gave up 3 runs in 4.1 innings…Reid Brignac was 1-3…The Bulls only managed 5 hits total…Fernando Perez was 0-3 with a walk.

Birmingham @ Montgomery, ppd. rain. The Biscuits and Barons will play a double-header today.

Lakeland 4, Vero Beach 3. Jeremy Hellickson actually walked a batter. He worked 5.2 innings, giving up only 1 unearned run. He struck out 3 and walked 1…JT Hall was 2-2 with a walk and a triple and his 2nd home run.

Augusta 6, Columbus 4. Josh Johnson allowed 3 runs in 5 innings, but got the no-decision…Henry Wrigley keeps the torrid pace, with his 3rd multi-hit game in the last 5. He was 3-4 with an RBI…


  • Juan Salas is scheduled to join Durham this weekend. [Biscuits Batter]
  • We *kinda* linked to this yesterday at DRays Bay, but for the sake of repetitiveness, Desmond Jennings, who has yet to play this season, has suffered a “setback” and there is now no indication as to when he will return. Jennings is yet to play 100 games in any given season. [Biscuits Batter]


  1. Robert Rittner says:

    I attended the Vero Beach game in Lakeland, primarily to see Hellickson. He was ok, but it was not an impressive performance.

    Early in the game, his command was off. He fell behind batters and got his fastball up. Though he got out of jams, there were a lot of hard hit line drives.

    Actually, it seems to me a tough hitters park. Lots of deep flies and line drives caught well over 350' away.

    On the other hand, Hellickson moved to a lot of off-speed pitches and improved his control and command, both of those and of his fastball. The stadium (and a beautiful one it is) radar gun showed him at 94-95 (and occasionally higher), but I checked with someone who had his own gun and was tracking pitches, and he said the stadium gun has been fast for years. Hellickson sat between 91-93.

    But there was good separation from his offspeed stuff that was clocked in the mid 70s, occasionally in the low 80s and seemed to fool batters regularly. Most of the hard hit balls were fastballs.

    It was a workmanlike performance, but not anything like the dominating performance we have been reading about. As I recall, Hellickson also hit a batter. I am guessing he reached his pitch count after 5.2 innings because he was relieved with men on, but it did not seem he was struggling more than earlier.

    Incidentally, Hall was in the game to replace Royster who must have gotten hurt. After stretching trying (and failing) to beat a throw to first, he went to RF but was pulled before the first pitch. Hall's homer was a line drive to left and his double was a bomb deep into the right centerfield alley. Later he was intentionally walked. He also made a terrible throw into the infield that turned a simple single into a double and set up a run.

  2. The Professor says:

    thanks for the recap.

    interesting what you say about the park. i have always understood the FSL to be a pitcher's league and Vero Beach to be a pitcher's park. But when you said that I looked up some numbers and what I read was surprising.

    The league overall is actually more of a hitter's league the last three years and Vero Beach is the hitter-friendliest of them all.

    Is the FSL really a pitchers' paradise?

    One stat they point out in the article is Sergio Pedroza's home runs, he had more than twice as many at home (15) as on the road (7).

    And the 3-year weighted average for Vero Beach's Park Factor is 1.07 (Hitters Park)

    Baseball Think Factory

    I have never been to that stadium. Is it close to the water? Could this be a situation like Wrigley Field that is actually very much a pitcher's park early in the year. But when the temps rise and winds shift, it becomes a hitter's park?

  3. KGengler says:

    Btw, I think Wade Townsend will be starting one of the Biscuit's doubleheader games, with Richard De Los Santos the other.

  4. Robert Rittner says:

    What did you find about the Lakeland stadium? That is where the game was played. It is 340 down each line and 409, I think, to straightaway CF. I didn't think to look at the size of the foul territory and did not see the distance to the alleys, but it sure looked far.

    I am surprised that the FSL is actually a hitter's league. I would have to see more data to be convinced. I suppose Vero might be an exception, but as I said this game was in Lakeland. If Vero is a hitter's park, it makes Hellickson's record more impressive, but he was merely effective enough, and somewhat lucky, last night.

  5. The Professor says:

    good call. my bad.

    according to the first link above, Lakeland is slightly more hitter friendly, but the second link says the 3-year weighted average has it playing fairly even (values above 100 are considered 'hitter-friendly')


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