This week’s cover of the Sports Illustrated (via The Heater*) features a comic book-style rendering of a super hero-like Carl Crawford holding a frail and frightened Derek Jeter above his head with one arm while Bizarro Superman looks on in anguish.

The cover is in reference to an SI story we linked to yesterday, written by Tom Verducci titled “The Bizarro Supermen”.

With Jeter leaving last night’s game after being hit in the hand by a pitch, we must admit to feeling a little sense of relief that the “SI Cover Jinx” landed squarely on the hand of Jeter and not Crawford.

Of course, for the sake of beautiful women everywhere, we can only hope that the SI Cover Jinx doesn’t also extend to any of Jeter’s other body parts. We wouldn’t want to keep the other 94 women of the “Maxim Hot 100” waiting.

*We can’t vouch for every blog, but most blogs we read as well as this blog ALWAYS provide links to the sources of their/our information. For all the good things the newspaper journalists do, this is something they conveniently omit with alarming regularity, and is often the source of animosity directed at journalists from bloggers. But then again, editors may frown upon a writer getting a significant percentage of their material from blogs.

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  1. Michael Connell says:

    in the steroid era, do we really need a caricature of Car Crawford looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  2. DirtbagFan says:

    m.c.- Really?? Really? You see a caricature and you jump right to the steroids angle... In case you haven't been paying attention; the steroid era has come and gone- its just a few media honks, Jose Can-fake-o, and "fans" like you who continue to make it an issue... move on, we have!


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