We have no idea if Andrew Friedman plays fantasy baseball. We have a feeling that Bud Selig might frown upon the idea of team executives logging in every morning to check the rosters of imaginary teams with real players.

Looking at the Rays transaction wire this season, we have to wonder if Friedman is seeking his fantasy-release with the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays. While injuries are to blame for most of the moves, that is still a lot of moves for the first three and a half weeks of the season.

April 4 Dioner Navarro (DL) Mike DiFelice
April 9 Matt Garza (DL) JK Ryu
April 9 Cliff Floyd (DL) Justin Ruggiano
April 11 Willy Aybar (DL) Evan Longoria
April 12 JK Ryu (demoted) Jeff Niemann
April 16 Al Reyes (DL) Kurt Birkins
April 20 Jeff Niemann (demoted) Dan Johnson
April 22 Mike DiFelice (DFA) Dioner Navarro
April 23 Dan Johnson (DFA) Gabe Gross

And that doesn’t include minor leaguers that were included in some of the above transactions (Josh Butler, Calvin Medlock).

If Friedman did have a fantasy baseball team, we imagine the name would have to be “World B. Friedmans“. There really is no other choice.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Friedman is in a fantasy baseball league, my buddy plays with him in it.


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