THE GOOD: We could mention that Aki Iwamura broke out of his mini-slump by getting on base 4 times, or we could mention the diving catch by Carl Crawford or the 3 RBI from 2 lucky off-the-end-of-the-bat hits by Mike DiFelice, or the home run from Eric Hinske that gave the Rays the lead and seemed to ignite the offense…But none of that mattered. “The Good” begins and ends with Edwin Jackson who was just as dominating as his 4-hit shutout in the second half last year. Jackson pitched 8 shutout innings allowing only 2 hits (both singles) and 4 walks. He struck out 6. His performance was a much needed (non-HGH) shot in the buttocks for a pitching staff that is now missing 2 of it’s top 3 starters…By the way, another “Good” is the Orioles were swept yesterday in their double-header and probably did not get into the Tampa area until 3-4am.

THE BAD: We can feel ourselves getting our hopes up about Edwin Jackson. Nobody expects him to pitch this well everytime out, but if Jackson can suddenly develop into a pitcher that gives his team a chance to win most of his starts, the Rays pitching staff will indeed be formidable once everybody is healthy.

THE TELLING: The name on the back of the jersey still said “Jackson”. The number on the back was still “36”.


  • Not exactly the DL, but we thinks Al Reyes might miss a couple of games after being tasered and friggin’ arrested early this morning…IDIOT! *banging head on desk*. The damn bullpen is the one thing that has been steady and consistent early on this year…Reyes got his ass really stupid drunk and got himself punched in the nose. He then started spitting blood and swinging his arms and basically acting like a friggin’ lunatic…If we were to put the 25-man roster and coaching staff in order of chances of something like this happening, Al Idiot Reyes would have been near the bottom. Geez! He is like 86 years old! [My Fox Tampa Bay]
  • The Stumblng Tumblr mocks the “confidence” of Rays fans…We just think it is cute that The Stumblng Tumblr won’t let his inability to spell to keep him from writing. [The Stumblng Stumblr]
  • Martin Fenelly writes that Edwin Jackson’s is finally living up to his potential and his early season performances are giving fans and the team hope when it easily could have been lost by all the injuries. [Tampa Tribune]
  • We still are amazed that somebody from The St. Pete Times actually “live blogs” the public debates about the Rays proposed stadium. You can either read our interpretation, or you can follow the link for a play-by-play. [St. Pete Times]
  • Willy Aybar sat out yesterday’s game with the same sore hamstrings that have plagued him since spring training…Also, Scott Kazmir will throw another batting practice session today. [The Heater]
  • Carl Crawford is already closing in on 1,000 hits and Joe Maddon says that C.C. will only get better. [MLB]

“Probably except a few more walks, he’d hit for a higher average,” Maddon said. “Something I used to discuss with Garret Anderson all the time … when you have that many at-bats in the season it’s hard to hit for the highest average you’re capable of doing without taking your walks. If he learns to walk a little more and keeps doing what he’s been doing, he’s going to continue to increase his batting average and run production.”

  • Nothing new on Juan Salas, but Bill Chastain notes that another player in the same situation as Salas had his visa issues resoved. It could be a sign that Salas will be returning to the States soon. [MLB]

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    My god if Gardy ever said that a batter should take more walks I'd have a heart attack


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