Two years ago on Rays Index, we learned about the first person to ever predict the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to win the World Series and he was actually serious. The Rays went 61-101.

Last year Goldstein picked the Rangers. Texas went 75-87.

This year Goldstein has decided to jinx the Toronto Blue Jays, who he has picked to win the world series over The Washington Nationals.

Aaron Goldstein Has Lost It [Rays Index]



  1. Anonymous says:

    Goldstein has to be fucking around. There is no way anybody would pick the Nationals and Blue Jays to both make the playoffs, let alone the series.

  2. The Professor says:

    that's why i get such a kick out of the guy. we thought he was joking two years ago, and he wrote us an email to reassure that he was indeed serious.

    but there is the possibility that he makes outlandish predictions just to get his name out there


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