Every once and a while we like to stroke our ego and take a look at who is logging in to this here small corner of the blogosphere. Most of the time we get little more than a city and a state. Occasionally we get the name of the business where somebody works.

But we noticed something yesterday that had slipped past our peripheral vision in the past…

It is not unusual for computers from the Tampa Bay Rays offices to log on to our website. But we did not realize that the IP addresses for Rays computers are still working under the team’s old moniker, “Tampa Bay Devil Rays”.

So Mr. Silverman…who gets the fine for this atrocious oversight? The ISP? You? The team’s IT office? Us *gulp*? And how is that fine calculated? To us it looks like somebody owes $7 for yesterday alone. That bill is going to add up quickly if this blight on society is not rectified soon.

This whole situation eerily reminds us of the time when most Rays fans had thought Vince Naimoli was exorcised from the Rays, when it turned out he was still very much in the picture.

Let’s call this a small victory for David Chalk and everybody else that loathed the loss of the Devil in Tampa Bay.

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  1. Hazleton Jason says:

    That is hysterical, I wonder if Silverman will comment???

  2. Anonymous says:

    what would be really awesome is if one of those computers was Silverman's. Would he have to fine himself every time he looks at a web page on his computer?

  3. David Chalk says:

    The Devil will be with us. Always.


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