[Update 7:00pm] DRays Bay has the video. Let us add this comment…This was absolutely a premeditated act by Duncan. He was out by 15 feet at second base, which means the only reason he went for two was for the purpose of being able to make his ignoramus “statement”]

[Update 3:28pm] They are currently ripping Duncan to shreds on NYC sports radio WFAN. They say he has a reputation as a “hot-head” in the minor leagues.

So THIS is how it is going to be, huh? The Yankees retaliated this afternoon in their first meeting since the home plate collision this past weekend.

In the bottom of the first inning, Yankees pitcher Heath Phillips hit Rays batter Evan Longoria with a pitch, and Phillips was immediately ejected by home plate umpire Chad Fairchild.

In the top of the second, Shelley Duncan attempted to leg out a double, and sure enough, there was a play at second base. Duncan slid high into Akinori Iwamura, cleats up, and was called out. But following the slide, Tampa Bay right fielder Jonny Gomes raced in and shoved Duncan.

In additon to Phillips, Duncan, Gomes and two coaches were ejected.

So let’s get this straight. Elliot Johnson makes a clean, albeit aggressive play this past weekend, with absolutely ZERO intention to hurt anybody. A play that several independent respected baseball people (Lou Piniella, Mike Scioscia) called a clean play. And the Yankees decide to throw a sucker-punch, not once, but twice. Phillips intentionally hits Longoria and Duncan intentionally tries to injure Iwamura with his spikes.

Nice. That is nothing but a dirty fucking play. The Phillips pitch I can almost accept. But for Duncan to do what he did and intentionally try to hurt somebody is absolutely uncalled for. Duncan deserves a severe suspension and then he needs my foot up his ass.

Ahhhh, the Yankees being the Yankees. Whiny little bitches that complain when somebody plays aggressive and then decide to resort to dirty play.

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  1. EricSanSan says:

    I agree that today's action was a dirty play and uncalled for (the Shelly slide). There was no reason for this type of retaliation. In my opinion, the hit batter should have been enough.

    However, that Johnson play left the door open for the Yanks to try and prove a point as well. I don't agree with it, but Girardi is also trying to change the culture surrounding his team.

    For the past few years, the Yanks followed Torre's motto of "non-reaction" to this type of stuff.

    Johnson's play, which was a hard hustle action, was made at the wrong time unfortunately. This has escalated, wrongly, because of that.

    Just think, none of this happens had that original play not taken place.

  2. Hazleton Jason says:

    I am so glad the Yanks AAA affiliate is like 2 miles down the road for me, I am goin gto enjoy heckling the shit out of Shelley Duncan all summer about this. He is lucky Gomes did break his legs- I am going to love telling him hiding in AAA will only save him soo long and "thank goodness you aren't a REAL bigleager or your legs would already be broken" I am hoping to get the bird at least-
    I hate the Yankees so gd much

  3. The Professor says:

    Well maybe the Yanks should start with Big Papi or Manny considering it is the Red Sox that have plunked Jeter about 600 times in the past few years.

  4. EricSanSan says:

    I think you'll see that too Professor. Girardi seems hell bent on proving he's the anti-Torre. The condition, fire, etc., seems to all be completely different from a year ago.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can Duncan be suspended for intent to injure? Not a whole lot of gray area in what he did.

    They will never admit it, but Yanks fans have to be embarrassed to have Duncan in the uni today. And that makes me smile.

  6. The Professor says:

    absolutely. after cooling down a bit, i think we will see 5 games for Phillips. 2-3 games for Gomes and 10 games for Duncan. all the suspensions should start at the beginning of the regular season.

  7. CubsfanRaysaddict says:

    maybe Poland should have given up the sudetenland before September '39 and then maybe we could be better off... Once again another reason to scream obsceneties to a-rod and jeter as they prance around before the bottom of every inning at the trop this year..eric i'm kidding about the WWII comment and I love your blog but THESE ARE OUR BOYS, My collectible Aki statue I got last year doesn't have spike marks on it, he's the definition of class and style not yankee 'you broke my nail, now i'm going to run over your lhaso apso aki,,' I now love Jonny and the new (D)RO more than ever, and the evil empire still stands even though its just a facade we broke through today...

  8. EricSanSan says:

    I think every Yankee fan should be embarassed of Shelly's actions. I'm sure they still like him as a person or player, but what he did today was out of bounds and inexcusable. No question about that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Joe Maddon called the play "borderline criminal" and a buddy of mine says the play has been shown on the YES network and said it is pretty bad

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great post Prof! Thanks for saying it like it is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I see Shelley Duncan is living up to his first name...no, no...to say he is lacking in cajones is an insult to women.

    One of the dirtier plays i have ever seen. just made worse by the fact that he basically said he was going to do a few days ago.

  12. Devil Ray Guevara says:

    before today, the Yankees at least had a debatable complaint. It sounded as if most non-partisan parties sided with the Rays that there was nothing dirty about the homeplate collision but many agreed that it might have been too much for spring training. there was at least a debate. now EVERYBODY is looking at the Yankees at cheap-shot artists. Not even that many Yankees fans think that the Rays deserved that today. The Yankees basically lost any credibility they might have had after Saturday.

  13. Katie says:

    I think you'll like my blog recreation of the fight.

  14. The Professor says:

    It (Katie's Blog).

    THE END.


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