Tampa Bay Rays (13 days until Opening Day)

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  • Apparently Elijah Dukes was crying inside…”I can communicate now without feeling like I’m afraid to say the wrong thing,” Dukes said. “These guys here, they’re willing to listen here…In the past, I don’t have people [who wanted] to hear. They hear what they want to hear.“….Ahhhh. It makes so much more sense now. When he threatened to kill his wife and kids and the time he impregnated a minor and the other times he impregnated 36 different women…Those were all cries for help. Classic case. Why didn’t we see it before. [Rays Report]
  • SI.com has put together a photo gallery of the top 20 young pitchers in baseball. The list includes both Scott Kazmir and Matt Garza. [SI.com]
  • One website takes a look at each of the 20 pitchers in the above gallery and comments on their pitching mechanics. [ChrisOLeary.com]
  • Rays of Light see the Angels and Rays as a good fit to make a trade. [Rays of Light]
  • DRays Bay throws out the name Todd Linden who is likely to be released by the A’s, as a cheap alternative for a fourth outfielder. [DRays Bay]
  • The Serious Tip has constructed a list of items they will be watching during the season, including the Rays attendance at the Trop. We mentioned yesterday that the Rays set an attendance record for the spring. We have to believe that this a sign of things to come as it was the Tigers (not a big rivalry, although some in the comments section mentioned a large turnout of Tiggers fans) and it came in the middle of the spring (not opening day). As long as the Rays hover near or above the .500 mark, we should see a spike in attendance this season. That may seem obvious, but there have been plenty of people that have speculated that baseball can’t work in the Tampa Bay area. We have always argued (as have others) that the fans will come if you give them something to believe in. [The Serious Tip]
  • But then Carter Gaddis has to go and piss in our Wheaties…The Rays overall attendance is actually down from 2007. [Tampa Tribune]

The Rays, playing their final season in St. Petersburg before moving to Charlotte County in 2009, have averaged 4,708 fans this year, a 4.7-percent drop from 2007 (4,940).

  • Outs Per Swing takes a look at what the Scott Kazmir setback means for the rotation the first couple of weeks during the season. [Outs Per Swing]
  • On Yankees blogger takes a sarcastic look at the Rays spring training success. [It Is High, It Is Far,It Is…Caught]
  • Even small newspapers in Arizona are taking shots at the Yankees over recent events. “Ah, New York. If this incident had happened to any major league baseball team other than the Yankees, would anybody be talking about it?”…Good point. Of course, this is Elliot Johnson’s hometown paper. [Eastern Arizona Courier]


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