Kevin Hench is a friggin’ idiot. He thinks he is funny by making fun of Rocco Baldelli. He is not.

Rocco Baldelli is a five-tool player: and those tools are scalpel, knee brace, cane, sling and Ace bandage…Baldelli has appeared in 127 of a possible 486 games the last three seasons. And — surprise! — he will begin this season on the disabled list. His latest DL-inducing “injury” is exhaustion. Who does he think he is, Mariah Carey? And what is he exhausted from, the off-season?…He may be only 26, but after four seasons he has proven two things definitely: he can’t stay healthy and he doesn’t know the strike zone. He has a career .324 OBP and strikes out four times as much as he walks. In 1,656 career at bats he has drawn only 83 walks. He’s exhausted, and he’s exhausted the patience of Rays fans, tired of watching him strike out on balls in the dirt.

The fine guys at Fire Joe Morgan have already done a far better job of ripping Hench to shreds in a way that we could not do it justice. They sum up this idiocy best in their final sentence.

Again, there is nothing funny about this. Kevin Hench owes Rocco Baldelli an apology. Simple as that.

Don’t get me wrong. We have made our fair share of jokes at Rocco’s expense. However, we would like to think that those were more like playful ribbing, kinda like how we tease Mrs. Professor about her driving. However, in Rocco’s case, it took us about 0.3 seconds to decide that we would no longer do that once we learned that there was a physiological and probable genetic basis to his injuries. And despite the occasional punchlines in the past, we are now miserable about the thought that Rocco’s career might be over and there is nothing that anybody can do about it.

As one Rays fan, I can tell you that I am “so tired” of watching Rocco Baldelli that I would seriously consider giving him one of my hamstrings if I thought it could help him play for another 12-15 years. And I am willing to bet I am not the only Rays fan that would stand in that line.

I really wish I could kick Hench in his balls.

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  1. Robert Rittner says:

    I don't usually like to launch personal attacks but in this case Hench's article made me so mad I will donate the hobnail boots to anyone who will take your suggestion. I do not know who Hench is, and frankly I see no reason to try to find out.

    I wonder what he would have written in 1939 as Lou Gehrig's decline became obvious. And I am sure he would have been part of that noxious chorus that accused J.R. Richard of dogging it when he complained of not feeling well-just before his stroke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i'd rip him a new one in the comment section but i hate creating accounts just to post.

  3. Possum Avenger says:

    colossal douche


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