We have setup a Facebook Group just for RAYSHEADS.

We realize that there is a method for discussions on this website and other places but we also realize that there is a shelf-life for those discussions and most of the time they are limited to whatever happens to be on our fuzzy minds. With the RAYSHEAD Facebook group discussions can include so much more, including:

  1. The Tampa Bay Rays (duh)
  2. Upload your own photos
  3. Set up RAYSHEADS Pants Parties
  4. Trash talk the Yankees without fear of being shot
  5. Discuss how much you love RaysIndex.com and The Professor
  6. Trash talk the Red Sox without fear of being puked on
  7. Argue about which section at The Trop has the hottest RAYSHEADS
  8. Discuss how annoying Devil Ray Guevara is
  9. Or ANYTHING else that comes into your RAYSHEAD

So come on over and join the RAYSHEAD ARMY at Facebook. And remember…Anybody can join Facebook these days. It is no longer just for kiddies.

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  1. Ben says:

    I had deactivated my facebook because it got really lame, but now i have a reason!

  2. Ben says:

    Also the rays report on TBO.com is reporting that longoria and brignac have been sent down to durham.


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