Rays’ Matt Garza………SNL’s Mango!


  1. Katie says:

    It's so weird seeing that face with a Rays hat now. Garza's cheese-tastic grin has brought me hours of entertainment over the last year. I hope this year's picture is just as hilarious for you.

    Have you seen the pictures of him in his rookie hazing green bikini yet?

    *sigh* Now I'm feeling nostalgic.

    I'm thinking of making the Rays my secondary team to cheer for now.

  2. The Professor says:

    there is plenty of room on the Rays Bandwagon, but it is certain to start filling up soon. We would be happy to have you.

  3. David James says:

    awesome! do i smell a new nickname? i sure hope this gets back to the clubhouse. would love to hear one of the players or coaches refer to "Mango" in an interview.


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