1. Anonymous says:

    i notice nobody is picking the one answer that the team provided. i guess Stuey reads these blogs. he will pick #3, right?

  2. Michael Connell says:

    where is the “smokes too much weed” option?

  3. Anonymous says:

    off topic but i just noticed something that sucks. the rays are the only team that has never had a competitor in the home run derby. oh and by the way, i just happened to read the wikipedia entry for the rays, and it’s pretty depressing.

    “An expansion franchise, the club was founded in St. Petersburg in 1998. They are one of four active teams never to have played in a World Series, the others being the Texas Rangers, the Washington Nationals, and the Seattle Mariners. They are the only team to have never made it to the playoffs, having finished in last place in every season of their existence, with the exception of 2004, when they finished fourth in their division.”

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