We call him The Dirtbag because of how he plays and because he played college ball at Long Beach State whose baseball team has the coolest mascot in sports…The Dirtbags.

The biggest question mark for the Tampa Bay Ray in Spring Training is whether or not Evan Longoria will be named the opening day third baseman. Manager Joe Maddon has repeatedly stated that the decision will be based less on his stats, and more on how the 22-year old handles himself on a day-to-day basis and how well The Dirtbag adjusts to everyday life as a major leaguer. From now until the Rays announce a decision on Longoria’s fate, we will track The Dirtbag’s progress through his numbers, our own observations and quotes from Maddon and Andrew Friedman…

Notes on the Dirtbag-O-Meter…

Yesterday at the plate: 1-2 with an RBI double off the left-center field wall. He also walked.

Quotes: none reported.

Summary: You could just hear the grins of both Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman after Longoria mashed the double in the Rays spring opener. With all the talk about “will they or won’t they” I would have forgiven Longoria if he opened the spring with a goose egg and an error at third right through the wickets. Now I get a sense very early on that pressure is not something that is going to bother The Dirtbag. Not even a little bit.



  1. Anonymous says:

    he added an RBI triple and a run today... hell yea

  2. Syar Og says:

    exactly, i was there, the kid is unreal, he is everything that is advertised and more, unless he falls apart, it would be ashame to not see him on the opening day roster for the tampa bay rays.

  3. engineer25 says:

    I was also there today(Sat.). He looked good, starting with a great play in the field, followed by a monster triple. However, he was in there with the other "scrubs". Lets wait a little longer to pass judgment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i thought Longbeach State was the 49ers? Does the baseball team have their own mascot?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dirtbags Baseball


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