Tampa Bay Rays (40 days until Opening Day)

Just the links for now…as we crank Warrant on National Cherry Pie Day


  • In case you missed it last night, ABC-7 is reporting that Cal Ripken Jr., is leading a group to purchase the Vero Beach Rays and move them to Charlotte County. [Rays Index]
  • The Bradenton Herald has a list of questions concerning the 2008 Rays. [Bradenton Herald]
  • Apparently some opponents of the Rays new stadium have been showing a rendering of the proposed ballpark with a closed roof that is yellow-orange. We assume their point is that they are trying to scare people into thinking the new stadium will be really ugly. Only one problem. The new roof will not be yellow-orange. It will be white and the Rays have released a new artist’s rendering that shows the proposed ballpark with the ‘roof’ closed. [The Heater]
  • The Rays have decided to contribute their $150 million to the funding of a new stadium in one lump sum up front as opposed to annual payments over 15 years as originally proposed. [St. Pete Times]
  • They say a pitcher doesn’t learn how to pitch until he suffers his first serious injury. That appears to have been the case with Jeff Niemann. [Tampa Tribune]

“When I came back from rehab, I didn’t have my best breaking ball, so I had to learn how to pitch with my fastball,” he said. “There are things you pick up that I would never have gotten taught if certain things hadn’t happened to me. So all things considered, it kind of worked out better. I’m more of a complete pitcher because of all this stuff happening.”

  • David Price is quickly impressing many members of the organization, especially Jim Hickey. [Tampa Bay Rays]

“In terms of stuff, [Price is] extremely impressive,” Rays pitching coach Jim Hickey said. “Very nice delivery — under control. [He has] three pitches that, in my opinion, all have a chance to be above-average Major League pitches, [with] pretty good command of all three.

“Even if [one of his pitches] doesn’t necessarily move, it carries well late through the strike zone. It gives that appearance of a little bit of a hop. I’m impressed with that. Overall, it’s a very impressive package. But I don’t think any of that is very much of a surprise. He is what was advertised.”

  • The Ledger ranks the major league rookies by who will have the biggest impact for their respective team in 2008. Evan Longoria is ranked first. [The Ledger]
  • OK. we will link to this post about Barry Bonds joining the Rays. At least this one isn’t serious. Unfortunately, it isn’t really funny either. And it is ‘McGwire’, not ‘McGuire’. It is bad enough that our family probably shares Fermanagh roots with the ‘roider. Let’s not make it any closer than it needs to be. [Barry Bonds Trial]


  1. Seth says:

    Thanks for that last link...Didn't know we had an opening "especially in LF". Wonder what CC has to say about that?

    Can't wait to see what this blog says in...6 months when "D Price and The Rotation" are blazing up the East.

  2. The Professor says:

    yeah. i couldnt tell if that was supposed to be a joke or if it was serious. either way it doesn't work.

    and i honestly have no idea what we would ever do if/when the Rays are in a playoff chase. i liken it to the character Brooks in Shawshank Redemption. Spent most of his life in prison and when he was finally paroled he couldnt hack it and wanted to go back.


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