Tampa Bay Rays (10 days until pitchers and catchers report)
We would like to thank DRG for taking over this weekend and allowing us to enjoy our real hangovers in peace. That image of Scott Kazmir/JP Howell/Jamie Moyer is absolutely mesmerizing. We have probably watched it 200 times.

In the meantime, on Mardi Gras eve we will be celebrating the birthday of one of the greats of all time…Gumby!


  • Does Stephen King reference the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in his new novel? I guess the 2006 Devil Rays were pretty scary. [Zooped]
  • The Rays have retained the services of the states top lobbyist, Brian Ballard in their attempt to build a new stadium along the St. Pete waterfront. Ballard has also worked with the Florida Marlins for the past two years in their quest for a new stadium. It is not clear what Ballard’s role will be going forward as the team has dropped their bid for a state subsidy to help fund the stadium. [St. Pete Times]
  • The Rays enter Spring Training with a few question marks, but for the most part most of the roster is spoke for and Joe Maddon finds that to be a nice change from years past. [DevilRays.com]

“It’s going to be so nice when you come to Spring Training and it’s like, ‘This is my shortstop, he’s playing first, these are my starters,'” Maddon said. “Right now you know Bartlett’s going to be at short, Aki at second, Pena at first, C.C., B.J., you know Navvy — you know all this stuff on the field. You know Kaz, you know Shields, you know Garza — that’s quite a cry from where we’ve come over the last couple of years. That part of it is very nice.”

  • Babes Love Baseball preview “everyone’s favorite worst team in baseball” the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays with a series of American Haikus. Our favorite line? “Dukes and his sperm are gone now”. We have been fans of the Babes for a while but the final line, “The Rays still suck though” is a little harsh. We will now turn and face away from the computer and pout. *pouting*[Babes Love Baseball]

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    Okay, I feel the need to apologize for that one. I'm still incredibly salty over the Johan trade. 😉


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