Earlier this week, in our ever-popular feature “Why The Rays Columnists Suck”, David Whitley made his debut. In his column Whitley emails the Church of Satan in an effort to ask Satan himself how he feels about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays changing their name to the “Tampa Bay Rays.

It was recently pointed out to us that Whitley’s piece was much worse than we originally believed. Not only was the column awful and a poor attempt at humor…turns out the idea for the column was unoriginal.

Whitley attempts to explore the reaction of the Church of Satan to the Tampa Bay Rays’ franchise name change. Regular readers of my blog, as well as visitors from Deadspin.com and RaysIndex.com might remember I wrote about the exact same topic five months ago.

Shame on us for not remembering the original piece as we did indeed link to Jordi’s original piece when it was first posted to The Serious Tip.

We want to emphasize that this is not an accusation of plagiarism. Rather it is an accusation of laziness. As The Serious Tip points out, “David Whitley claimed to have done “much research” in finding the Church of Satan website (www.churchofsatan.com, by the way). Had he simply incorporated ‘Devil Rays’ after ‘Church of Satan’ in his search, he would have easily found my post. It is the first web site listed.”

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