What does a blogger do when they are full of themselves and think they are greater than they really are? Work less and bring aboard weekend bloggers. As a professor this is something that I understand all too well…only in academia we call them “TAs”.

Beginning tomorrow we will be handing over the weekend keys to somebody many of you may already be familiar with, Devil Ray Guevara. DRG has been a regular commenter on this site and other sites and has been one of key contributers to Rays Index behind the scenes. After much begging and bribing and imbibing we were finally able to convince the stubborn ass to give us a hand.

For the most part DRG will just be handling “The Hangover” on Saturday and Sunday and any breaking news that needs to be brought to the masses. However, if he behaves and doesn’t find a way to bring the internets to it’s knees, we may give him one or two regular features during the week.

Now…if you will excuse us, we need to get ready for Mardi Gras weekend.



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