Seriously…We can’t make this shit up.

Baseball Musings has still been referring to the Tampa Bay Rays as the “Tampa Bay Devil Rays”. Well, after receiving a letter from Matt Silverman, president of the Devil Rays, they can no longer use the excuse that they “didn’t get the memo”. Baseball Musings was fined $1 by the Devil Rays for using the term (the money does go to a Devil Rays charity).

The Tampa Bay Rays found out I was still sometimes using the name “Devil.”
They’ve asked me to stop. I’ll be sending in a $10 fine.

(HERE is a link to a scan of the actual letter from the Devil Rays. Below is the full text of the letter from Devil Rays president Matt Silverman.)

February 1, 2008

Dear Mr. Pinto:

November 8, 2007 was a landmark day for our organization. On that day, we shed the “devil” from our name and became the Tampa Bay Rays. Our organization introduced a new logo, colors and uniforms to accompany the name change. A bright yellow sunburst now adorns our jerseys. Replacing the devil ray fish, this sunburst icon invokes the magnificence of life in the Sunshine State.

Thousands of Rays’ fans flocked to downtown St. Petersburg to celebrate the launch of our new team name. Players flaunted their new threads and described them as “fresh.” Community leaders and even Hollywood’s Kevin Costner joined in the fanfare.

Although these changes have been widely embraced, old habits often die hard. Here at our offices in Tropicana Field, we created “Drop the Devil” donation boxes. For each and every Devil Rays mention, employees must contribute one dollar to the donation box. All proceeds benefit the Rays Baseball Foundation, the official charity of the Rays which supports youth and education programs in the Tampa Bay community. Though costly for a forgetful few, it has been both fun and instructive, while also benefiting a worthy cause.

It has been brought to my attention that you, too, recently used our former team name. Accordingly, the Rays request a donation to the Rays Baseball Foundation in the amount of one dollar (though larger contributions are welcomed). Please note that repeat violations may carry a steeper penalty.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. We hope to see you this season at a Rays’ game.

Yours truly,
Matt Silverman
President, Tampa Bay Rays

Wow. We guess that this means we will not be seeing any Devil Rays “Turn Back The Clock” nights anytime soon. Our favorite part is how the “sunburst icon invokes the magnificence of life in the Sunshine State”. Huh-wha? Of course, it does not invoke the magnificence of play in the Tropicana DOME, the home of the Devil Rays, which you know…has a roof. And where is our letter from the Devil Rays? We are apparently not invoking the use of the term “Devil Rays” nearly enough.

Other fines that Devil Rays’ employees can soon be expecting:

  • For wearing anything green. St. Patty’s Day is going to suck this year at Devil Rays headquarters. Of course last year on St. Patrick’s day, the Devil Rays actually wore less green than normal. It was prophetic.
  • For ever mentioning the name Chuck LaMar. OK, this is one that we will gladly enforce.
  • For any references to the movies Water World, the Postman, or any other crappy Kevin Costner flick.

I’m In Trouble! [Baseball Musings]



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