The fine group over at The Hardball Times have just released their 2008 Season Preview.

This year’s effort includes 240 pages of team essays, player comments for almost 900 different players, projections, and other goodies. We’ve adopted Bill James’ “Team-in-a-Box” format for the essays and tried to maintain a similarly short and incisive style in the player comments.

For some reason, the editors have once again asked us to write the preview for the Tampa Bay Rays. While we do a fair bit of writing in our day jobs, we have never fancied ourselves as professional writers. We are just Rays fans with something to say and a computer. As for the book…we can only hope we have not embarrassed ourselves.

HERE is a sample chapter
HERE is a little sampler of the things that can be found in the book

And if you are interested in ordering a copy, HERE is the link for that.

[Disclaimer: No actual Rays, be them fish or sunlight, were injured during the production of this book]

Its the Hardball Times Season Preview 2008 [The Hardball Times]



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