Tampa Bay Rays (30.5 days until Opening Day)

Went out to check the mail today and we were surprised with quite a little present.

That my friends is the Tampa Bay Rays’ very own BJ Upton along with his brother Justin Upton of the D-Backs. And no, this is not a fake magazine mock-up from one of those booths at the Trop. A major sports magazine actually put a Ray on the cover. We don’t recall this ever happening before. Can anybody think of an example?

And how about that uni on BJ? We were tentative supporters of the new uni’s since the beginning, but now we are really getting excited. We understand the green was unique and set the Rays apart…but boy, BJ sure looks more like a baseball player now. We likey.


  • The first spring game is not quite over. Edwin Jackson looked strong allowing only one hit in two innings. He went 1-2-3 in the first and after giving up a leadoff single in the second, he got the last two outs on strikeouts to get out of the inning. Rays had bases loaded in the first one out, but Willy Aybar struck out in his first at bat for the Rays. Jonny Gomes ended the inning without a run. Evan Longoria drove in a run with an rbi-double in his second at bat in the Rays 3-run 4th inning. Ben Zobrist has two hits including a double. Jason Hammel gave up two runs in two innings and Jake McGee got knocked around pretty good in his first spring appearance allowing four runs on three hits and three walks in one inning. Shawn Riggans was 0-3 on base stealers, while John Jaso gunned down his only chance. Last spring base stealers were 10-11 against Riggans. [MLB]
  • Rays Anatomy takes an in depth look at the top prospect lists from several major outlets. [Rays Anatomy]
  • The Rays continue to try and sell their product the old fashioned way…door-to-door. Dick Crippen a senior advisor for the Rays promoted the Rays recently at a rotary club meeting in New Port Richey. [The Suncoast News]


  1. Anonymous says:

    the new unis do look nice, except for the fact the pants are about 18 inches too long

  2. Anonymous says:

    HOLY SH!T! When did ESPN figure out the Rays actually exist?

  3. Sean G says:

    too bad it is a fantasy baseball article. now if we can just get them to actually write about the Rays.

  4. The Professor says:

    baby steps...baby steps.

  5. Nerdful says:

    You can make a fake cover @ http://www.FotoTrix.com (photo tricks).


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