Yesterday, Delmon Young was asked about comments made recently by Carl Crawford, in which Crawford refers to the circus that surrounded the Rays in 2007. Crawford referred to Young and Elijah Dukes as two players that “got some growing up and maturing to do”.

Young at first declined to comment on Crawford’s statement, but then couldn’t help himself, saying that he and Dukes are not to blame for the losing ways in Tampa Bay.

Afterwards Crawford dropped the gloves.

“These are exactly the the kind of distractions we were talking about with the Rays, a young guy popping off at the mouth, talking too much,” Crawford said. “He needs to just shut up and play baseball.”

Crawford said that if Young didn’t fully understand his comments about the Rays benefitting form having fewer distractions, Crawford said will be more than willing to explain it. After reading Young’s comments in the Times early Friday morning, Crawford was animated in his response: “Nobody even mentioned the word losing, losing games. We know we’ve been a losing franchise. He just wanted to say something back like he’s always running his mouth. That’s what he does. He runs his mouth all the time. Nobody was blaming him for anything. For him to come back at me was a personal attack. I feel that if there is anything that he is unsure about, tell him I would be more than happy to say it in his face, or any kind of other way, that would make him understand.”

Wednesday April 16. Mark your calendars. That is the first time the Rays will face the Twins this season. We have a feeling Delmon Young will be Gettin’ A Delmon of his own sometime in that series.

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  1. Blake says:

    That is absolutely great to see that CC is taking such a strong leadership role this season. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes Delmon to become a cancer in his lockerroom...maybe we should start a pool...

  2. The Professor says:

    i have read a few Twins message boards and they really have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. they assume that just because he is now a Twin, he will do things the "Twins Way" and be a stand-up guy.

    i'm with you. i dont think it is "if" i think it is "when".

  3. Sean G says:

    "I feel that if there is anything that he is unsure about, tell him I would be more than happy to say it in his face, or any kind of other way, that would make him understand."

    Holy shit! Did Crawford just bitch-slap Delmon? sure sounds like it.

  4. Brent says:

    Sounds to me like Crawford is the one who needs to shut up and play ball. The Twins have more leaders on the team than the Rays do and there is no way they will let Young pull any of the crap he pulled in Tampa. Winning really does change people. Young is one of the best acquisitions of the season by any club.

  5. Matt says:

    "winning really changes people"- i don't think the twins will be baad but in that division they won't be making the playoffs and whether delmon changes or not, CC is right

  6. Anonymous says:

    Milton Bradley has been on teams that have won their division 4 times in 8 years.

    Carl Everett has been to the playoffs 3 times.

    Both are still dicks.


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