A couple of days ago we wrote the Tampa Bay Rays 2008 Preview for Deadspin, which DRG affectionately chides us as “Rays Index on amphetamines”. That piece was about 1,300 words.

Today we retort DRG’s stance by presenting Armchair GM’s Tampa Bay Rays preview written by Manny Stiles. We love Stiles. We really do. But his preview makes Homer’s “The Odyssey” feel like a short-story. Part 1 comes in at 4,000 words. By comparison, the average St. Pete Times and Tampa Tribune piece on the Rays is 500-700 words. Did we mention it is “Part 1“? There are actually three parts in total. Doesn’t Manny know that internet readers have ADD?

If you are really bored at work then we highly recommend going over to Armchair GM and giving it a whirl.

Part 1: Includes a recap of the 2007 season and touches on every single off-season move.

Part 2: Looks at every position and every single player invited to Spring Training, with some interesting and little-known facts about each player.

We assume Part 3 is in the works, but you never know with Lil’ Manny. He might just be dangling a carrot to see how long we are willing to wait.

2008 Tampa Bay Rays UltraMega Preview by ManRays (Part 1 of 3) [Armchair GM]
2008 Tampa Bay Rays UltraMega Preview by ManRays (Part 2 of 3) [Armchair GM]



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