This site has been heavily influenced by Will Leitch and his Deadspin website. That is not to say that we model everything here after Deadspin, nor do we pretend to write as well as Will. Rather Will, taught me that I can write in a conversational manner and still be informative. That it is OK to write as if you and I are just two people sitting in a bar talking about the Rays and I am the guy in the corner that drinks too much and rambles on incoherently at times (It does not take too much to realize that Will Leitch has been heavily influenced by Andy Rooney).

When I would openly complain among fans about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays coverage, and I would rant in emails to friends, more than one suggested I turn those emails into my own blog. And when I did, boy is it painfully obvious that I had no idea what I was doing. But later on that first day I wrote a post about a writer that predicted the Devil Rays would win the 2006 World Series. It was only fitting that on that first day Deadspin linked to that post. That would be the first of 22 times in our first two years in which we would experience the “Deadspin Bump”, and gave us the confidence we needed to keep going.

Today is the day we get to say “Thank You” to Will. His book “God Save The Fan”, published by Harper-Collins, is now available for purchase. We have not read the book yet, but we have one on the way, and we promise you it will be worth the price. If you would like to hear from somebody that has read the book, Dan Shanoff has a review on his website. If you are not familiar with Deadspin or the writings of Will Leitch, venture over there and you will be instantly addicted.

We are not so naive to think that the “Rays Index Bump” will come close to having the same impact as Deadspin, but if this post generates just ten sales, I get a free “Will Leitch is my Homeboy” t-shirt*.

*not true

Thanks Will!



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