Tampa Bay Rays (20 days until pitchers and catchers report)
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  • This list has not been released yet, and it comes as no surprise, but the Tampa Bay Rays are ranked as the #1 organization by Baseball America. After all, what other organization can boast Brett Grandstrand? [Nationals Farm Authority]
  • Baseball America takes a look at the hardest throwing pitchers in the minors, including Jake McGee. [Baseball America]
  • Rays Anatomy offers two points of view on Akinori Iwamura and what we can expect from him in 2008. You can read my full comments at the end of the post, but in short, this is a classic example of people depending too much on statistics to evaluate a player. [Rays Anatomy]
  • Pinellas County has green-lighted a project to be built similar to the redevelopment proposed for Tropicana Field on a tract of land less than ten miles north of Tropicana Field. The Pinellas County Commissioner is not sure that the county can support the building of both projects. [TBO]
  • Carlos Pena returned from the Dominican Republic and passed his physical, which was the only thing holding up his new 3-year $24.125 million contract. [TampaBay.com]


  1. EricSanSan says:

    It wasn't all stats, I tried to add an objective angle to it. But I understand where you are coming from on the numbers breakdown.

    That's why I am trying to encorporate more than one look into each player, in hopes of fully understanding what they are capable of. Thanks for the comment Professor.

  2. Ben says:

    lookin' good with the new layout

  3. The Professor says:

    thank you.

    for those that have pointed out the issue with the sidebar not appearing at all, I have been told this is just happening to people that use Internet Explorer,to which I responded, "huh-wha? people still use IE?"

    anyway. we are aware of the problem and it should be remedied soon. Thanks!

  4. The Professor says:

    everything should be back to normal for IE users.

    I think the changes are all done. Like I said. Nothing major, we try to keep things simple around here.

    We do have one or two additions planned for the side bar as we get closer to the regular season, but things will remain simple.


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