We have professed our love for The Dugout on this site before. And today they are back with another chatroom featuring the Tampa Bay Rays top prospect, Evan Longoria and his alter-ego, Eva Longoria, who gives young Evan some investment advice.

As Rays fans the Eva/Evan Longoria name-similaritiness seems like old news. We have joked about it. We have talked about it. Sometimes we even see a headline (LIKE THIS, or THIS) and go ‘huh-wha!?!’. But we need to come to terms with the reality that we live in very special place. The Raysiverse. And the population is not very big and news from within the Raysiverse does not travel very far, unless of course a player chucks a bat at an umpire or threatens the lives his wife and children.

Of course we would probably enjoy this more if he was named Selman Hayek…Just Sayin’.

The Dugout: Stocks, pt. 1 [AOL Fanhouse]



  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't know about Selma (have you seen here recently?), but it could be a lot worse than Eva.

    Let's just be greatful that his name is not Kathyn Bates.

  2. eva longoria is the best latina that i have ever seen, she has a pretty face and a nice slim body '


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