We have to commend Andrew Friedman for sticking to his guns and demanding one of the Nationals’ top pitching prospects for Elijah Dukes. Most of the Nationals’ bloggers seem to think that Glenn Gibson was too much to give up for Dukes, however, we have to admit, it is hard to get too excited. From what we have read, he sounds like a left-handed Andy Sonnanstine, that is still 3-4 years away from being ready for the majors.

What the Washington Nationals bloggers are saying about the trade between the Nationals and the Tampa Bay Rays, in which the Nationals received Elijah Dukes for Glenn Gibson….

Capitol Punishment
has a nice in-depth look at Glenn Gibson, the pitcher the Rays received in the Elijah Dukes trade, and examines the trade. [Capitol Punishment]

In a pure talent sense, it’s a solid swap. I’m not especially high on Gibson’s long-term potential, thinking that he’s putting up stats with excellent command of mediocre stuff…But the stathead side of my is superseded by the fanboy side. Any player whose Wikipedia profile needs a separate off-field issues section is one you’ve gotta be careful of. And it’s a player I’m going to take no joy in rooting for.

Nationals Farm Authority thinks the Nats gave up too much for Dukes. [Nationals Farm Authority]

Not what I was expecting. I did not envision them surrendering one of the Vermonsters for Dukes…Gibson is a extremely polished lefty (for someone coming out of high school) and has a major league pedigree (his father pitched in the major leagues). I like Gibson for what he is a soft-tossing lefthander in the mold of Jamie Moyer (I use that as the best case scenario)…It’s a lot to surrender in a deal for a guy with the baggage Dukes has, but from a talent for talent point of view, the Nationals are the winners.

Nats320 credits the acquisition of talent, but they are worried about what Dukes may do. [Nats320]

Is he worth the time and effort? Is this the type of player you wish to represent The Nation’s Capital? Is winning worth far more than questionable character traits? Does being selfish, and self-absorbed, make you a desirable player–no matter what your background, and history has proven?…When Sohna and I attend any game involving Our Washington Nationals, we always hope for a win and the best for Our Players. Never do we expect that any one player may harm another–or that one player, is in fact, dangerous. Elijah Dukes has us worried–because–as his background shows–no matter what the Spin Doctors Say–he is A HAZARD.

We’ve Got Heart is not going to be welcoming Dukes to the Nation’s Capitol. [We’ve Got Heart]

As Nats fans we are now asked to show our loyalty by welcoming this troubled kid with open arms…not a chance.

The title says it all. [Just A Nats Fan]

“An Offseason Fear Come True”

Nats Triple Play also likes the deal less knowing that Washington gave up Gibson. [Nats Triple Play]

Ouch, that’s a little too much to pay



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