Last month we mentioned that former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder (how nice is it to say those words?) Elijah Dukes was one of 16 finalists the “Sportshuman of the Year” (SHOTY) Tournament. For the second consecutive year, Deadspin is holding a tournament-style bracket featuring 16 of the most entertaining sports personalities of 2007. In an ironic twist, Barbaro was named the 2006 Sportshuman of the Year.

Elijah Dukes garners a #4 seed based on such accomplishments as threatening his wife and kids with a picture of a gun, impregnating LOTS of women, including a foster child, and was accused in court of using drugs and steroids.

Dukes easily outpaced Jeff Reed to win his first-round match-up with 61.4% of the votes. Now Dukes is on to the second-round where things will be much tougher. His opponent is #5 seed Gilbert Arenas.

SHOTY Elite Eight: Elijah Dukes Vs. Gilbert Arenas (VOTE HERE)

Here is the breakdown…

No. 4 Seed: Elijah Dukes

Explored the possibilities lent to us by cellular technology.
Impregnated a foster child.
Became a sports radio star.
You divorced, dawg.

No. 5 Seed Gilbert Arenas
Dunked off a trampoline.
Stole a joke.
Helped you with your love life.
Talked to (Deadspin).

While we may not have been given our wish that the door hit Dukes in the ass on his way out of the Trop, maybe we can give him a consolation prize. Of course, if you don’t go to Deadspin and vote for Dukes…he may just threaten your life with a text message. You been warned Dawg.

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  1. The Professor says:

    too much print? ironic. considering this site made a decision to stop writing about any of the negative stories associated with Dukes last season. We tried to keep it to baseball related items only. When we did write about Dukes and his baseball ability, we tried to defend him and keep it somewhat positive (something we are often accused of not being able to do).

    The worst thing we ever said was that we were disappointed in him. the worst thing we ever called him was a "mischievous little badger".

    Now that he is gone? Now that he is no longer a Devil Ray? We are done biting our tongue.


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