That new Rays blogger over at MVN and Rays Anatomy that we mentioned last week? He is a Yankees fan.

Sweet Fancy Moses!

Eric SanInocencio was actually born in the Bronx. Having lived in the Bronx ourselves for a time, we can tell you…this is going to be fun…Well, it will be fun if you are the sort of person that thinks pissing in your own bed is “fun”.

And the bed-pissing has already begun. He hasn’t been on duty for a month yet, and he has already written a post about payroll. If you have been with us for a while we NEV-ER bitch about payroll, but the last thing in the world we need is for a Yankees fan to preach to us about the Rays payroll.

While most major league team’s salaries range from 50-100 million, there are some that are resemble a fine wine (Yanks 189 million) and others that look like a case of Milwaukee’s Best (Rays 24 million).

Of course that fine wine must be a little sour as it has earned the Yankees fewer championships in the last seven years than two expansion franchises (1 each from the D-Backs and the Marlins) and the same number as the Devil Rays. Then again we do like Milwaukee’s Best better than a few fine wines that we have tasted in our day…especially when cost is factored in.

Tampa on the other hand has to compete with not only the “Evil Empire” but “Red Sox Nation” which checks in at number two in the payroll scale with a total salary collection of 143 million. Talk about unfair. You’ll never hear the players or ownership say it, but this is definitely a Mount Everest type of climb to respectability.

Really? There is payroll disparity in the AL East? We had no idea. Thank goodness there was a Yankees fan there to keep us informed.

The Rays may not be able to climb Mt Everest as often as the Yankees can climb Mt. Ant Hill…but when the Rays reach the top, the Ray will achieve respectability the Yankees can only dream of.

In fairness, Mr. SanInocencio appears to be a good writer, albeit a long-winded one, and on the surface he appears to know his stuff and the model for his blog is unique and refreshing. Still we are withholding our final judgment until we can know for certain whether Rays Anatomy can separate their pinstripes from their writing. It is a whole new ballgame with the Rays. A typical Yankees fan sees a hole in their lineup and thinks the rest of baseball is their own personal minor league system, and asks “which future hall-of-famer, perennial all-star, is now obligated to come fill our hole?”

We hope that Mr. SanInocencio realizes that things don’t work that way in the Raysiverse. Andrew Friedman and Co. are trying to build a winning baseball team, not a Tiffany’s display case.

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  1. EricSanSan says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read over my site.

    Even though I'm a Yankee fan at heart, I hope you'll give me the opportunity to prove that I will write objectively and fairly in regards to the Rays.

    I'm going to try my best and bring out some of the more interespting aspects of Tampa Bay, while keeping a realistic eye on the present.

    Keep visiting Rays Anatomy, and I hope that I can earn your respect in the future.

    Eric SanInocencio

  2. yankeevenom says:

    Here we go , another Yankee hater , it is what it is my man . You say things work differently in " Ray's Nation " So far , things have never worked ! You complain about having a Yankee fan writing about your Ray's ? Be happy anyone writes about them ! I am a life long Yankee fan , How ever, i do like the Rays , they are underdogs , and remind me of my beloved Yankees of the late 60's... didn't win much but showed up to play. Give Eric a chance , stop Boo Hooing about the " Evil Empire " like it or not , they ARE the greatest sports franchise in history ! But you guy's knew that coming in... right ?


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