Team USA 3, Mexico 0.
Well, Team USA won their World Cup opener against Mexico. We know that Justin Ruggiano was hit by a pitch to start a rally (bastards) but we are having trouble tracking down a box score, so we have no idea how Evan Longoria did. But since we cannot find a boxscore, we will assume he went 4-4 and hit a 3-run home run and that Jorge Campos was catching for the Mexican team. How awesome would that be (Campos, not Longoria)?

[Update: We found a boxscore HERE. No Campos]


  • The Rays are in the market for a shortstop that can field and relievers that can pitch. It appears the Rays may be talking to the Twins about acquiring one or both in exchange for Rocco Baldelli. [Twins Territory]
  • It looks as if Rocco Baldelli is the player the Rays are interested in moving as they are also in talks with the Nationals about the oft-injured centerfielder. [MLB]
  • Andrew Friedman wouldn’t rule out the possibility when asked if Elijah Dukes would have a shot at a roster spot in the Spring. [TBO]

“It’s too early to answer that,” he said. “There’s a lot more that we want to go through, but I will say there have been a lot of positive strides in the last couple of months. But we’ve still got a ways to go.”

  • There are several Japanese pitchers that will be available as free agents (no posting fee required) and the Rays are expected to actively pursue one or more of the relief pitchers including Kazuo Fukumori and Masahide Kobayashi. Here is hoping the Rays sign Kobayashi so we can have an entire season with Keyser Soze references. [TBO]

“We were active scouting the Japanese leagues this year, and there certainly are some guys that are on our radar,” Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman said. “I expect the market to be more active than it has been in the past…We’ll see how that market unfolds,” Friedman said. “It’ll be very interesting to see in light of some of the recent success, what that means for the market.”

  • Jordi at The Serious Tip tried to crash the GM meetings in Orlando only to be rejected by one of the Golden Girls. Next time offer her a membership to the “Silver Rays” fan club. Certainly Matt Silverman would have that comped. [The Serious Tip]


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