Scottsdale 1, Phoenix 0.
Reid Brignac went 0-4 and is now 12-84 (.143), and he is 1 for his last 31. Evan Meek pitched 2 perfect innings to pick up the win.


  • The “Cork Board” on the right side of the page has been updated to reflect minor league free agency.
  • Andrew Friedman met with Twins GM Bill Smith yesterday at the GM meetings in Orlando. The Twins have young pitching and are in search of a young slugger. When asked if Delmon Young was discussed, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was told they were “on the right track”. [Star-Tribune]
  • Somebody with the Rays (Andrew Friedman?) met with somebody from the Mets (Omar Minaya?) yesterday at the GM meetings in Orlando. [New York Post]
  • Andrew Friedman reiterated what should already be known by all…the Rays do not have anybody on their roster that is untouchable. What good does it do a franchise to say somebody is “untouchable”? If the Yankees offered Phillip Hughes and Joba Chamberlain for Scott Kazmir or the Giants offered Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, would the Rays say ‘no’ just because Kid K was untouchable? Not likely. []

“We’re not good enough as of (today) to say that anyone is untouchable,” Friedman said. “Obviously, there are players that we’re much less likely to talk about, and it would be much harder for us to deal. That being said, we have to listen to anything and everything. And if there is a team that wants Player X and is offering, in our opinion, a good deal more than Player X, we can’t be afraid to pull the trigger.”

  • He doesn’t even have a roster spot yet, but The Sporting News is darn near guaranteeing that Evan Longoria will win AL Rookie of the Year. [The Sporting News]
  • Major League Baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays are open to the idea of an April series in Orlando at the oxymoronically named “Champion Field” with the Rays. []


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