According to the Dominican news site 7dias the Tampa Bay Rays may be close to trading Elijah Dukes to the Washington Nationals. And after comments attributed to Dukes, while playing for his Domincan Winter League team, it is looking more and more like the troubled yet talented outfielder has played his final game with the Rays. According to the report, Dukes has told several of his Dominican League teammates that he wants to be traded soon to get his career back on track.

The original report is in Spanish. We had the page translated using Google Translator which is both amazing and funny…HERE is the translated report in its entirety…

The National Washington are very interested in acquiring Elijah Dukes to the Rays from Tampa Bay to become their center fielder, but they refuse to give up their best prospects for pitchers bear the troubled gardener.

A source close to the talks between National and Rays said both team are in agreement on the blueprint moved into St. Dukes. Petersburg to the nation’s capital, but when it is not complete overlap of the price paid in Washington.

“Let’s be clear, the Rays want to leave Dukes and there are people in Washington who think that the guy is not as problematic as paint,” said the source.

It is hard to judge the accuracy of the report based on this translation. If there are two things in this world that Elijah Dukes is not…it is a gardener or a Saint.

Dukes Dominican League team, Licey, is managed by the Nationals’ third base coach Tim Tolman. In addition, the Nationals’ manager, Manny Acta, visited the Dominican Republic to watch Dukes play.

The only thing holding up a deal being completed is an agreement on exactly which prospects the Rays would receive in return. According to the report, the Rays are asking for Washington’s top pitching prospects, but the Nationals are refusing to part with pitchers such as Collin Balester, Colton Willems, Zech Zinicola or Glenn Gibson.

“The issue is that National did not want to release any of their main prospects launchers. Everybody wants pitcheo to move a player from the category of Dukes,” he added.

Despite recent assertions that Dukes was in the process of “Redemption” with the Rays, it now seems that it is only a matter of time before the Mischievous Little Badger is somebody else’s headache.

[Ed. note: Bugs & Cranks is also all over this along with video footage of Dukes’ second home run in the DR]

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    i dont know.

    I have painted a few times and while it can be problematic, it has never sent me a text message of a gun and threatened to kill my children

  2. tim says:

    Dukes has certainly seeded many bushes.


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