Just when you thought the Elijah Dukes story had run its course and was finally under the radar…Along comes the 2007 Sportshuman of the Year (SHOTY) Tournament. For the second consecutive year, Deadspin is holding a tournament-style bracket featuring 16 of the most entertaining sports personalities of 2007. In an ironic twist, Barbaro was named the 2006 Sportshuman of the Year.

OK, folks … it’s time for the voting to begin. Let’s all give big-up to the genius that is Jim Cooke for his official SHOTY graphic. The 2007 SHOTY voting will run every Tuesday and Thursday until, well, 2008 probably. We love Kige there.

Voting will remain open until the end of the first round … so let’s get started. It’s No. 4 seed Elijah Dukes vs. No. 13 Jeff Reed. A look at the nominees:

Elijah Dukes garners a #4 seed based on such accomplishments as threatening his wife and kids with a picture of a gun, impregnating LOTS of women, including a foster child, and was accused in court of using drugs and steroids.

Jeff Reed, on the other hand, is the #13 seed because he…ummm…he likes to…well…how do we put this gently?…He likes to take “pictures” of himself.

Dukes is heavily favored because nobody wants to see naked pictures of kickers. Quarterbacks? That’s a different story.

In April we envisioned Mr. Dukes making a run at Rookie of the Year. By the end of May we wondered if he would ever play for the Rays again. In November we get a chance to honor the 2007 accomplishments of the Mischievous Little Badger.

So let’s Rock the Vote! And show Elijah how much we love him.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Time to get a life and let it go. Way to much print on this.

  2. The Professor says:

    too much print? ironic. considering this site made a decision to stop writing about any of the negative stories associated with Dukes last season. We tried to keep it to baseball related items only. When we did write about Dukes and his baseball ability, we tried to defend him and keep it somewhat positive (something we are often accused of not being able to do).

    The worst thing we ever said was that we were disappointed in him. the worst thing we ever called him was a "mischievous little badger".

    Now that he is gone? Now that he is no longer a Devil Ray? We are done biting our tongue.


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