Bill Chastain clearly has no idea what team he is covering. He thinks the Tampa Bay Rays should sign free agent catcher Jorge Posada, and worse, he thinks the Rays actually have a shot if they open up their wallet.

Joe Torre is no longer the Yankees’ manager and Posada lives in Tampa. Such a commitment might take the entire free-agent budget, but given the point in the team’s progression, such a commitment might be the best money spent in franchise history.

This is absolutely idiotic and we will speak very slowly for Mr. Chastain, in case he is still taking his stupidity pills.

6 Reasons why the Rays will not sign (and should not sign) Jorge Posada…

  1. The Rays “free agent budget” is going to be taken up by the arbitration-eligible Scott Kazmir and Carlos Pena. The Rays will not give a 36-year old catcher at least $60 million for 4 years.
  2. He has two years left as a full-time catcher, which means the Rays would be paying at least $15 million per year in 2010 and 2011 for a DH.
  3. The Mets and the Yankees are about to get into a bidding war for Posada, and both teams will go to a fourth year on the contract to get the deal done. The Mets only other option is to re-sign Paul LoDuca. Who would you rather have?
  4. We will forgive Mr. Chastain if he does not know about Posada’s son. Jorge Jr. was born with Craniosynostosis. The Jorge Posada Foundation was started by Jorge and his wife to help find a cure. If given a choice, Posada will sign with one of the New York teams where he enjoys more publicity for himself which leads to more publicity for his foundation.
  5. Dioner Navarro is very young and started to show signs of becoming an above-average major league catcher in the second half of 2007. The upgrade from Navarro (age 23) to Posada (36) in 2008 is not enough to justify the extra cost over the next four years (~$50 million) especially when Navarro could be an equal catcher in 2009 and the better catcher in 2010-2011.
  6. With both New York teams going to 4 years on a contract, that means the Rays would have to up the contract to $17-18 million per year or add a 5th year on to the end to get him out of New York. In the end…It would probably cost the Rays $85 million for 5 years, with Posada being 41 in the final year of the contract.

Would that be the “best money spent in franchise history”? We admit, the Rays have spent some dumb money in the past, but if the Rays signed Posada, by the 4th year, the contract would make the Greg Vaughn signing look like the Deal of the Century.

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  1. Big Mike says:

    The Rays problems are numerous, but letme try to list them in order of importance

    1. Relief Pitching
    2. Shortstop
    3. Defense
    4. Back of the rotation starting pitching
    5. Depth of relief pitching in the minors
    6. New Uniforms
    7. Elijah Dukes
    8. The Trop
    9. Rocco's legs
    134. Warm Beer sold at the Trop
    135. Dioner Navarro
    136. Scoring Runs
    137. Joe Maddon's glasses

    and signing Georgie Posada would be the best money spent in franchise history? Amazing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    word is that the Yankees offered 3/$40 million today. So that is the starting point.

    Mets will definitely go to a 4th year, but might only be 4/$50. The extra year will probably let them keep the per year average to a minimum.

    But still the argument is valid.

    For him to leave NY, the Rays would have to make a 4/$60 or a 5/$65 offer. Neither of which makes any sense for a 36 year old catcher. No matter how good he was in 2007.


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